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Feb 8, 2010 10:27 AM

Roast Duck Questions - where to buy? How long can i keep it for?

I am looking to buy roasted duck to make a Chinese new year appetizer (duck spring rolls – Vietnamese spring roll style). Can anyone help me with the following questions:

1. Does anyone know how long roast duck can keep (the regular hanging Chinatown roast duck). I would like to serve it for Chinese new year. I want it to be “fresh” and not taste old. It will not be served as is – I will make duck spring rolls from it. I’m wondering if I can buy it on Friday night and serve it for dinner on Saturday.

2. What time are the Chinatown roast duck places (like Kam Po Kitchen) open/close? I would like to buy it on Friday night, preferably after 7pm, or Saturday morning, before 9am. I tried googling and even calling a few places but they don’t understand my question.

3. Where can I pick up a roast duck? Are all Chinatown places equal. A quick search on chowhound led me to Kam Po Kitchen. I would prefer somewhere closer to California street instead of Broadway.

4. This is probably not appropriate for this board, but i'm thinking of adding the following to my spring rolls: scallion, duck, hoisin sauce (maybe with the duck sauce that comes with the roast duck, maybe sesame oil or peanut butter), cilantro, cucumbers, lettuce, a little bit of cellophane noodle, chillies maybe even basil/mint/mangoes/jicama. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for the help! Happy New Year!

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  1. Can't answer all your questions, but here:

    1) I would say 3-4 days, so certainly you can buy Friday for use on Saturday.

    2) You run the risk of not getting a duck if you go later than 4-5pm on Friday, and most of these places won't have roast duck before 9am on Saturday.

    4) Some other ideas: thin slices of egg "omelette", bean sprouts, green onions.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: Cindy

      Thank you! Excellent idea on the omelettte!

    2. I would pick up a duck in the early afternoon. Most busy Chinese BBQ places roast duck many times during the day. You can ask for one hot from the oven. You can allow it cool after you get it home.

      I would not buy Roast Duck too early in the day. If the place you pick in not busy you may get an overnight duck. But this is a rare case.

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      1. re: yimster

        Thank you! I had no idea i can ask for one hot from the oven

      2. I don't know how many your are feeding, but you might consider duck confit from Costco. It runs around $8.00 lb with no discernable waste (except bone). It would be ideal for spring rolls.

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        1. re: OldTimer

          Excellent idea!! I might do this instead since it seems my best bet is to pick up a roast duck on saturday afternoon - which is a no go for me.

        2. Pick it up on Saturday morning/early afternoon. My experience with roast duck, though it keeps for several days, it tastes best the day it's bought. Else the skin loose the crispiness. Reheated duck sucks. And since Chinese New Year is on Sunday, I think many family will be getting roast pork, chicken, duck for New Year's Eve, so the good BBQ place (no, not all are created equal) it will be extra busy this Saturday (beyond the usual weekend crowds).

          Are you making deep fried spring rolls or "fresh" spring rolls. If the fresh spring rolls, how about pickled daikon &'s a nice the contrast with the duck fat. They are easy to make, but easier to buy at a Vietnamese deli that sell the sandwiches.

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          1. re: gnomatic

            Hi Gnomatic, Thanks for the suggestion! I will probably pick up the pickled daikon & carrots. By the way, what are the good BBQ places?