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Banh Mi in Howell, NJ!!!

I was driving by on Rte 9 South when I saw Little Saigon deli in a strip mall. It's in the strip mall with a tattoo parlor. :)

They have been opened for 2 weeks and have banh mi.

Little Saigon Deli
2954 Rte 9 South
Howell, NJ

Store Hours: Sunday - Monday 9 am - 7 pm
Saturday 9 am to 8 pm.

They have Little saigon Special Baguette ($4), Shredded Chicken Baguette ($3.75), BBQ Pork Baguette ($3.75), Sardine Fish Baguette ($3.75), Pork Roll and Pate Baguette ($3.50) and Vietnamese Meatball Baguette ($4).

They also have Vietnamese drinks and fruit smoothies.

They also deliver.

I tried downloading the menu but couldn't because I didn't know how to shrink the menu.
Took up too much memories!

Haven't tried any of the banh mi yet. But, if anybody gets there before I do, please write back.


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  1. Where were you trying to download a menu? I can't find a website for them...

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      I picked up a menu but tried downloading and couldn't do it.

      1. re: wench31

        I think you mean "scanned" as opposed to "downloading" hence the confusion about a website.

    2. My wife and I tried the bahn mi for lunch today. We split a #1 (special) and #3 (BBQ pork). While the bread was not 100% authentic, the fillings certainly were and both sandwiches were very good. They are currently a deli with two tables if you want to eat in. They also have hot food currently available for take out only (Pho!). Their plan is to convert to a sit down restaurant serving a much wider menu when permitting and other issues allow.

      It is run by a sister/brother team and the food seems quite authentic. They also deliver to Howell/Freehold/Jackson the both cold and hot food. I will certainly return for the bahn mi and can't wait for the restaurant conversion to occur. There is no other vietnamese in the area and this is a wonderful addition.

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        Thanks wench and Bossa for your reviews. I've got to give this place a try.

      2. I took home some food from Little Saigon Deli today. The short of it is - good quality and reasonable prices.

        To say this is a family operation wouldn't quite do the term justice, as the entire family from old to very young was there today. I had to smile when the littlest one offered me a colored marshmallow from his small cup. The rest of the family was equally hospitable, offering me tea and making me comfortable as I perused the menu.

        I ordered three banh mi - the special, the bbq pork, and the meatball and two orders of cha gaio. I couldn't resist the smell and ate two of the rolls on the way home. Without the lettuce wrap and the dipping sauce they were fresh and peppery and good.

        Of the three sandwiches, the meatball was the best by far. I would like to try these meatballs and sauce over some noodles. Not that the other ones were bad, just not up to my hopes. More concretely, the bbq pork was just a few slices of pork roll and the special was a mix of the pork roll and a few other meats - nothing special. The veggies on top were authentic and fresh as was the flavored mayo, but I had to ask for jalapeno and should have asked for some sriracha. The fried rolls were also good, but just not great.

        So, my initial verdict is that this is a good addition to an area that previously only had Kazu as any kind of foodie destination. But they are not as good as their only semi-local competition Saigon II in Lincroft. I will be going back to try some other things as I often pass that way, so we'll see.

        1. Just polished off my first ever Banh Mi and washed it down with a iced coffee with condensed milk. Paid a total of $7.49 (including tax) for that. Very satisfied. I don't have anything to compare it with since it is my first Banh Mi but it was a very good sandwich for $4. I ordered the Special. The baquette was fresh and crispy and the mixture of flavor between the pickled veggies and pate and pork was wonderful.

          The iced coffee was also surprisingly tasty. It tasted better than what I usually get in Vietnamese restaurants in central NJ.

          I have scanned the menu. Give it a try.

          1. Does this great establishment have a name or a location?

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              Little Saigon Deli
              2954 Route 9 South
              Howell NJ

            2. Ahhh, I see someone is spreading the word:


              (Click on the "1 review" link...)

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                    FoodDude2, the Pho is pretty good and it's not really salty. You can actually taste the beef broth. All the added vegetables are crispy and fresh. This is my go to place if I am craving Vietnamese rather than to the one in Old Bridge. I like the feel of a grocery store/restaurant. It feels more like someone's home and informal!

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                      I went there yesterday with the intention of trying a banh mi. Instead, as I entered, I eyed a patron enjoying a nice bowl of pho and went that route. The broth, nooodles, sliced beef and tendon were very good. All in all, the soup compares favorably to others I've enjoyed and I look forward to returning to try other items on the menu. Good Luck.

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                        so, this place is now a sit down restaurant now? Last time i went, it was like a empty grocery store with kids running all over the place.

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                          I seem to recall that they have about 4 four tops along the wall to the left when you walk in. As far as the grocery part, the shelves are pretty well stocked with interesting items.

                1. Great! Looks like it's just a few clicks north off of #195. 20 minutes for good Viet? In a heartbeat.....

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                    Amen. I'll have to try this place out, and soon!

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                      Just went there today for lunch. One of the owners said that they will be moving the location over by Sam's Club, in the same strip mall as Quizno's. The exact date is yet TBD - she did say 2 weeks before the move, the entire grocery side will go for half off. The next location will be a restaurant only.

                      They have greatly expanded their menu, to various appetizers, soups, rice and noodle dishes. I had the spring rolls (very good), summer rolls w/shrimp & pork (very fresh w/good peanut sauce) and the pho with well-done brisket and meatballs. I have had better pho off of Exit 124/Sayreville/Route 9 South...name escapes me...this was very fatty and didn't have the usual basil accompaniment.
                      Overall, very good and I'm looking forward to trying their new location when it opens.

                      1. re: dannan

                        is the new location in Freehold ? across from Sam's Club. That would be awesome and they should do well there.

                        I know the one you are referring to, this is the name:
                        Pho Thanh Hoai II
                        I like that one too but they don't have banh mi.

                        1. re: yCf

                          I think it's where Oasis was.

                          1. re: yCf

                            Yeah, I think PTHII might be the best viet we have in our area though...mmm

                            1. re: joonjoon

                              The menu looks great, if the new location is across from Sam's Club it is for certain the old Oasis location. This will be a welcome addition to our neighborhood. Might try this tonight!

                              1. re: gailelyson

                                I'm not sure of the exact location - the owner just said the same strip mall as Quizno's. She said it would be several months. I'll let everyone know if I hear anything more, as I plan on eating lunch there frequently in the meantime.

                              2. re: joonjoon

                                Yes, absolutely - my favorite....The Pho as well as the calamari with garlic sauce are both favorites of mine, and the summer rolls are great also. The prices can't be beat either....just wish it was closer.

                                1. re: dannan

                                  Pls let us know when they have 50% off on their grocery items. I feel ambitious enough to try and do the summer rolls!

                      2. We finally made it out to Little Saigon and enjoyed a tasty dinner. The beef pho was good - certainly better than at Little Saigon or Saigon, but worse, I am afraid, than at Little Saigon. The expanded menu made us decide against settling for bahn mi. Instead, we tried the bahn xeo and the shredded pork rolls. In all, I liked Little Siagon. Is it Little Saigon or Little Saigon? No, but it's nice to have Little Saigon not too far away (and, I was disappointed to hear that they are moving to Marlboro in a few months).

                        Seriously, has anyone ever seen a Vietnamese restaurant with a different name??

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                          saw the Little Saigon off Rt 9 North in the small strip mall where the short-lived El Basha (sp?) used to be. I guess that will be their new location? Definitely good news to me if that is indeed their new location.

                          1. re: yCf

                            It's now open at 172 Rt 9 North in Marlboro. They haven't changed the address on the website yet.


                              1. re: wench31

                                I went for lunch yesterday.
                                No more Banh Mi !!! :-(
                                It's just a regular VietNamese restaurant that offers Pho, Bun, and Rice platter etc.
                                It is quite obvious they are not 100% ready but they are very friendly and the food is quite good.
                                The price is a bit higher than I expected. For example, The special Pho is $10 which is a couple more dollars than the other Vietnamiese place in Sayreville. However, the portion is also bigger so I think it justifies the price.

                                We ordered a Special Beef Pho, a Pork and Spring Roll Bun, and a pork chip rice platter. After the order, the waiter said it will be 15 to 20 minutes. So apparently they know the kitchen could be slow at times. Fortunately, everything come out within reasonable time and every single dish is tasty.

                                Will definitely return. Hopefully Banh Mi will return too!!

                                P.S. If you live in the area, there are 20% off coupons in the small coupon booklet you get every couple months in your mail.