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Feb 8, 2010 10:02 AM

The best Tikka Masala in the Bay Area?

Right now, My favorite is:

Indus Village
1920 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 549-5999

Meat is juicy, not dry, has a wood fire smoke note to it.
Sauce is rich, nutty without too much tomato or cream.

Who beats Indus?

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  1. No expert but SF-wise one I've liked a lot has been delivery from Little Delhi in the Tenderloin. On a good night the chicken tastes wonderfully of the tandoor and the sauce is notably complex. Some nights, though, they go overboard with the cream and muck it all up. Also, they don't hold back much with the spicing, which is great in other dishes, but "medium" can be surprisingly spicy and disrupt the balance in tikka masala. Haven't enjoyed their other dishes as much. Decent samosas though.

    I also remember having really good tikka masala at the Naan-N-Curry on Irving in the Inner Sunset, but haven't been back in awhile.

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    1. re: Annie S.

      Little Delhi is recently closed, but the chef Kamal has reopened at 9th Ave & Judah at Curry Village. I have not tried tikka masala yet, but what I have had is delicious and fresh. Meats are halal.

      1. re: saffrongold

        I don't see any indications online that Little Delhi at 83 Eddy St. is closed - website is up, and it's still up on GrubHub-type sites. A yelper mentions that the chef Kamal sold Little Delhi at Eddy & Jones a couple of years ago. Definitely will have to try Curry Village.

        1. re: saffrongold

          Little Delhi is NOT closed. I ate goat curry there yesterday.

          1. re: vinchar

            I am sorry about the misinformation. I read he shuttered after big rent hike. Apologies.

      2. I have not had better than Indus, but I don't go to a lot of other places. That said, recently it has not has been as good as its peaks. I go regularly; I don't know what the deal is exactly, but the quality here varies a lot over time. I assume cooks/management changes. It's never bad, though, it's just that it's sometimes not as good as it has been. The chicken in it isalways good; they do a good job with the tandoor. I think right now it is under spiced relative to its best, and the tomato to cream ratio is a little too low. Actually, everything I have had there for the last month and half is distinctly off-peak,but again still good.

        House of Curries on Solano is usually okay, too much cream, not enough seasoning. Biryani House on Shattuck was lower down than that, not bland exactly, but dull. Surprising, as I have liked everything else I've tried there, esp. with regards to the agressive seasoning.

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        1. re: twocents

          Interesting. I did not know about the variation at Indus. My first time there was a week or two ago. I thought it was head and shoulders above. Maybe I hit a good night because I thought it was fab.

          House of Curries is decent if you are in the hood.

          I did not mention Ajanta before. I have not had their Tikka. I think their food may be the best all listed, but the cost is also a bit higher. I am sure that thier tikka would be on a whole other level, but when I go there I like to get the stuff the other places don't have.

        2. Do you consider butter chicken in the same category? If so Amber India (Mountain View) is the only one I find worth eating. It is the one dish there that really stands out I think.

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          1. re: jsaimd

            I'm with you on that. I've tried butter chicken in dozens of restaurants, and none have come close to Amber's.

                1. re: mikeh

                  for the record, butter chicken is actually called chicken makhani, and i dont' believe it contains tomatoes.....

                    1. re: vulber

                      Most chicken makhani I've had has tomatoes (though they may just be cheating by reusing the tikka masala sauce). I think the difference is the type of meat (dark meat tandori chicken in makhani, vs. white meat chicken tikka in chicken tikka masala).

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        Yes, chicken makhani aka butter chicken has tomatoes. And around here, the main difference is the dark meat vs. white meat you mention. I also usually find that the places that bother to make chicken makhani when CTM is so popular and easy to sell, tend to do a better job on crafting the sauce for the makhani.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          Melanie-I always appreciate your input, good info. What is your favorite Indian Food rest. in the South Bay.?

                          1. re: 2sjfoodies

                            Sorry, I'm not really current on the Indian food scene in the South Bay these days, not having eaten at many of my favorites or the newcomers in the last two years. I've been cooking my own murgh makhani and dal of the week at home. But I will say that I did love the Andrhan food (vegetarian) at Tirupathi Bhimas in Milpitas and ate there more than a dozen times. There are few restaurants of any stripe that I've been to more than a handful of times, so it was clearly a favorite. Hope you'll try it and report back.

                    2. re: mikeh

                      fifth. BTW: The butter chicken at Amber India in Mt.V is much better than at Amber in Santana Row.

                      Also, the chicken tikka masala at Kabab N Curry (Santa Clara) is terrific.

              1. I've never been to Indus, but I've always liked Shalimar in Fremont.

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                1. re: arlenemae

                  Have had the tikka masala at Shalimar twice in the last few weeks and it is very good. They brought me extra sauce when they saw I had finished the dish but still had basmati rice left:-) The sauce is fragrant/ spicy and delicious though a bit oily. The chicken is nicely smokey, and just a tad dry, but the sauce compensates for that well. The standout here is the freshness of the spices - they must do a very large volume of business - - the flavors are great. Order at the counter for lunch (at dinner they took the order at the table).

                2. Indus's is one of my two favorites. The other is Naan 'n' Chutney's.

                  Indus Village Restaurant
                  1920 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

                  Naan N' Chutney - CLOSED
                  474 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    I show Naan N' Chutney (SOMA) as closed. Can anyone confirm?