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Feb 8, 2010 09:31 AM

Fresh mussels in Birmingham?

Does anyone know where I can get fresh mussels that aren't too expensive in Birmingham? Whole Foods and Snapper Grabbers are a little on the pricey side — esp. for mussels, which should be on the cheaper side for seafood.

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  1. I'm not sure if they carry them, but check Super Oriental Market on West Valley: 945-9558.
    I see live mussels a lot in grocery stores, but don't trust too many of their fish stands aside from the Western in Mountain Brook.
    I would imagine that Fresh Market on U.S. 280 and Sexton's Seafood in Cahaba Heights would be selling them in a similar price range as Whole Foods and Snapper Grabbers.

    1. There is a seafood mkt across from the McDonald's & Mazer's on Greensprings where I buy some of my seafood, mostly shrimp and live crawfish. I wish I could remember the name. They may have them

      1. You might want to try the Fish Market downtown.

        1. The Fish Market may have fresh mussels now, but the one time I bought them, they were packaged in cardboard and frozen. When I got home, I had to toss them they were so smelly.

          On the other hand, DoDiYos in Homewood has some that look fresh in their little market in the back. I can't recall the price, but I think it was reasonable. Publix also carries them most of the time.

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            I think the Fish Market (in Southside) and DoDiYos are owned and operated by the same Sarris family.