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Feb 8, 2010 09:09 AM

ISO packaged taro and turnip cake in Richmond Hill/Markham area

I'm looking to buy some packaged turnip and taro cakes for Chinese New Year for gifts. A lot of restaurants and grocery stores offer a version but any decent ones? Ones that have lots of filling, good texture, and not too much MSG?


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  1. I like the taro and turnip cakes at Lam Shing Ho #C3-4231 Sheppard Ave. Scarborough. Tel:416-297-0363. No MSG. Lots of taro and turnip with dried scallops, and usual toppings. Have been buying from them for the last 3 years. Located in the same strip mall as Maple Yip.

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      Thanks! what is the price range? Anything else you suggest that is good to pickup there? Good to know for next time - won't be able to get there before Sunday so still hoping to be able find something in Richmond hill/markham.

    2. I want to know about this too, specifically for the Richmond Hill/Markham area. Also, how much do they usually cost? I want the ones from restaurants, because they come in nicer packaging and usually in a nice gift bag. Thanks in advance.

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        I bought the ones from Dragon Dynasty. Also available at Big Mouth Kee.
        The round ones were selling for $10. The nice ones in the shape of 'fish' were $12. Turnip cake had lots of turnip and preserved meat. Not too 'flour-y'.
        I got them at 15% off. so $8 for the round turnip and taro cake. Everyone really enjoyed getting them as gifts. Cheaper than what I saw at Paradise and Dragon Boat.

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          Thanks for the reccomendation. Bought a taro and a turnip for $10 each. No more discount at this time. Both are tasty with lots of filling. Especially the taro had big chunks of taro. Taro was more salty compared to the turnip.

          I tried to pan fry and it was a bit too soft so it fell apart. Is that supposed to happen?

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            Unfortunately, I tend to be an 'eater', not much of a cook at home. We took ours out of the box, sliced it thin and pan fried them. They came out perfect. Crunchy on the outside and hot and tasty on the inside.
            Made a great breakfast with XO sauce for new years with the relatives.
            We tried the Judy's Cuisine version and it was too soft. Tonight will be the Casa Victoria version. We do taste tests at home and compare.