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Feb 8, 2010 09:08 AM

Where to buy the smallest chickens in Mpls?

This might sounds like an odd request, but I want to try to make the famous Zuni Chicken recipe and it calls for a 2.75 - 3.5 lb chicken. I've found 3.5 lb chickens at Cub, but was wondering if anyone knows a source for a smaller chicken in Minneapolis. Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Us the 3.5 pounder. not a problem.. jfood has made with >4# boyd.

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      The ones at D'Lish tend to be smaller, around the range you specified. They usually have fresh and frozen ones also. They are free range, organic IIRC.

    2. Kowalski's should have ones that are between 3-4 pounds. They carry Kadjean, which is a local farm and usually really good. I constantly buy that brand because of the quality.

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      1. re: meljohns

        100% agree. I made a simple roasted chicken on Friday night with a Kadejan bird (from Kowalski's) and it was outrageously good.

      2. omg please don't use a cub chicken for the zuni recipe. i'd go get a local chicken at one of the co-ops. kadejans' are widely available, or get another local farm chicken. something with a little flavor and without the flesh-jello factory-farm effect--blech.

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          Thanks, you made me laugh. In the meantime I called Whole Foods and they claim to have chickens as small as 2.75 - 3 lbs, will stop by tonight. We're going to make the Zuni recipe for the first time this Sunday as a Valentines dinner.

        2. Next time you make this recipe, or anything calling for a small whole chicken, get a Callister Farms chicken. They run about 3-4 lbs, and are fabulous! Much better than Kadejan. I get mine at Seward Co-op, but have also seen them at Golden Fig, as well as at Golden's Deli in St. Paul.