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Looking for South Boston favorites Broadway/Dorcester area

Moving to Southie in the next couple of weeks and want to know some of the good restaurants and spots to hang out are? It looks like a fun little area.

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  1. One of my favorites is St. Alphonzo's Kitchen on A Street (just north of Broadway). Good sandwiches and comfort food, a slightly offbeat and funky vibe, and decent prices.

    I also like Cafe Polonia in Andrew Square. Outstanding Polish food there, and the prices are very reasonable.

    If you like Indian food, Shanti in the Savin Hill part of Dorchester is one of my favorites. And McKenna's, which is in the same neighborhood is a good local breakfast and lunch spot.

    Best of luck with your move! Southie and Dorchester have a lot going for them, so you should be able to find lots to do around there.

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      I agree on Alphonzos, Cafe Polonia, and Shanti. DBar and Ashmont Grill are both worth a stop and there's a number of good, funky vietnamese restaurants up Dorchester Avenue (Sunrise Cafe is one of my favorites). I'm spacing on the name of a very good little sandwich shop on West Broadway around E street maybe (arpeggio?) and Sweet Tooth is a good little bakery, right across the street. If you go further, up Morrissey Blvd, you'll find Chau Chows, crowded on weekends with big asian families coming for dim sum, and Lamberts which is a better than average produce store, with a decent butcher shop and a very good salad bar.

    2. Franklin Southie is right there and very popular (although not one of my personal faves)...within walking distance (across the interstate) is Coppa (also Myers & Chang for faux Asian and Oishii south end for overpriced sushi, also J.J.Foleys pub) and within long walking distance (or short bike ride along the channel, or one T stop on the Red line) is Fort Point area (Drink, Sportello, etc)

      1. I second St. Alphonzo's Kitchen...it's the best comfort food around.
        I also like Amrheins...food is above average, nice atmosphere and a great bar.

        Castle Island in the summer for hotdogs!

        1. Barlows in Southie is new with pretty good food and a nice room.

          Franklin Southie is nice.

          dBar on Dot Ave has very good food, IMO.

          224 Boston had its day, but is still, ok. Overpriced perhaps.

          The last time I ate at Amrheins the food was inedible, but the bar is beautiful and the atmosphere is nice.

          There's only about 10,000 irish pubs in southie with beer and similar menus. Some are crappy others ok. Farragut House can be fun. The food is average.

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            Agreed that the Barlow's space is pleasant, but the food was just ok (burger, quesadillas, I think). But, we were looking for a late Sat lunch at the bar with a basketball game, so it fit the bill. I think I'd pick Channel Cafe over Barlow's.

          2. Cafe Polonia is a must for the potato pancakes and hungarian goulash. It's small, no bar but very comfortable. Even the nonPolish items like the coconut shrimp are quite. good. I also like Cafe Porto Bello for their antipasto and seafood pizza. Again, it's a small place, no bar but a comfortable neighborhood spot. Amrheins has a lovely bar and I've had good luck with the food, especially the surf & turf (filet and stuffed shrimp). Another place not often mentioned is the Junction yet I think they make one of the best shephards pies around.

            1. Liberty Bell - Not a spot to hang out but they have great Roast Beefs and the best pizza in southie.

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                Oddly enough, the pizza here is pretty good (for Southie). The pizza at Sals on 8th and L is pretty good too, not one of those craptastic cookie cutter joints which litter Southie, all who seem to have the same menu... you'll see what I mean when you start getting them in the mail.

                Welcome to Southie and good luck.

              2. Welcome to the neighborhood! I second Barlow's, Porto Bello and Alphonzos and will add the Junction, which is exactly in the area you're asking about. Good steak tips and sides, and a fun atmosphere for beers afterwards.

                Something's definitely going on at the old "South" location, on the other side of the Bway/Dot intersection- has anyone heard what might be going in there?

                1. Southie isn't that great for restaurants. It's a bit of a stagnant area, especially as you move further from Fort Point, though it does have some bright spots.

                  Terrie's Place is not to be missed; it's on Broadway, by I street, and is an excellent and very local place to get breakfast or lunch (expect a crowd on weekends).

                  There are a lot of ho-hum pizza and sandwich joints along Broadway. Ignore pretty much all of them, including the fancier-looking places, like Shenanigans, Boston Beer Garden, and The Playwright. This especially goes for Salsa's, on the corner of Broadway and Dorchester, which masquerades as a Mexican restaurant. They fool many a local. Don't let yourself be one of them.

                  Someone mentioned Cafe Arpeggio, between E and F on Broadway: they're alright, and have a nice little space there, but the atmosphere is ahead of the food itself. Sweet Tooth is a decent little spot, but you might miss it if you're not looking for it.

                  Blue Marble Chocolate Cafe is supposed to be opening soon on Broadway, between C and D street. Could be an interesting addition, could be terrible, could never open.

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                    when they stop microwaving the bacon at terrie's, i'll go back. til then it's mckennas.....

                  2. I'm one of those places that think the Junction's food is horrid, but like the bar and the atmoshphere.

                    IMO there are a number of Irish bars in Southie that do better, tho none of them offer food I'd head there specifically for -- eg Farragut House. Also a nice bar area.

                    RIP "The Quiet Man."

                    The Blarney on Dot Ave has been yuppified and the food is ok but not great. Don't know how the updated Harp and Bard is. It's near Shanti.

                    By the way, I also see that something is going into the ill-fated South location. Good luck to them.

                    1. I can give Savin Hill, Dorchester recs... not too far from Southie.

                      McKenna's is GREAT for breakfast. Huge, fluffy pancakes and lots of charm.

                      I also think Shanti's got decent Indian (I'm no expert -- I'm one of those people who only orders the dishes I know I like); the only thing I ever had there that I didn't like was samosas (and it was the end of the evening, so probably my fault, not theirs).

                      The new Harp & Bard is an enigma to me -- the renovation looks great, and the food isn't bad; it seems like there's definitely someone COOKING back there (as opposed to defrosting and Sysco-izing). The selection's not bad. But they always have karaoke or trivia going on -- and it's VERY LOUD SO MUCH SO THAT YOU CAN'T HEAR YOURSELF TALK. If it didn't have those intrusive attempts at entertainment, I'd like it much, much more.

                      Bubble-T Zone is great. I have been meaning to try their waffles -- can anyone vouch for them?

                      Finally, I am a big fan of Lucky Cafe, the Chinese BBQ take-out place. We just got a whole roast duck from them for Chinese new year and it was quite good. The soy braised chicken is good. I will forever compare anyone's ginger scallion noodles to those at Great New York Noodletown, but Lucky's aren't half bad and portions are HUGE. I wish they were open later (and can't figure out why they are open at 9:00 a.m.).

                      Check out the banh mi at Ba Le, too.

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                        tavolo, sunrise, dbar, ashmont grill, the ledge in dot.

                        i also like shanti, mckennas, and cafe polonia.

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                          Restaurant Laura, Cesaria Restaurant, Mrs. Jones, Pit Stop, Pho 2000, Anh Hong, Common Ground, Chau Chau, Flames, Singh's Roti.

                      2. im pretty sure st alphonzo does not do lunch any more. i think they open at 4 now on weekdays. can anyone tell me if their menu has changed at all in the last 3 or 4 months?

                        1. Did no one mention Mul's for breakfast?

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                            mul's is good, but i always come out wreaking of bacon after eating there.

                          2. believe it or not, Teriyaki House on Dorchester by the Broadway T stop does a brisk business (especially takeout). What elevates their chicken teriyaki (available in either dark or light meat, w/ brown or white rice) above the typical is that they sear it to a crisp on one side, resulting in chicken "nuggets" almost (i haven't tried the white meat version). Their gyoza should be avoided (filling is like shredded cardboard). They also offer an extensive menu of sushi and basic Chinese food (have not tried yet.) Large portions. Seating for about 16 people. Open til 1am.

                            Teriyaki House
                            32 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127