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Feb 8, 2010 08:34 AM

Strip mallin' in Des Moines (SEA); Yucateco; Saimin

Had some free time after dropping my wife at the airport, and I was on my way south, so I stopped off for some brief recon in a strip mall along the picturesque stretch of Pacific Highway S. between SeaTac and Federal Way.

First I noted Saimin Says, a place advertising "Hawaiian-style" noodles with various toppings like char siu, portuguese sausage, etc. I am unfamiliar with this style but seemed like ramen. Is this what they sell at Aloha Ramen in Greenwood? I didn't try anything as I had just eaten

More exciting was a banner I saw for the forthcoming Restaurante Yucateco, listing specifically cochinita pibil, relleno negro, and other Yucatecan delicacies, in addition to alot of Salvadorean stuff. I don't believe there is anywhere else in the SEA area that does Yucatecan. I hope this place reaches lift off.

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  1. I'll be looking for the Yucatan place to open, too! Don't suppose you remember what cross-street it was around, or any landmarks nearby?

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      It's in the same strip mall as Saimin Says, b/w 260th and 268th

    2. Did anyone ever visit the Yucatecan place? Yelp doesn't have a listing, and Google only turns up this thread.