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Feb 8, 2010 08:07 AM

Saigon Gourmet or Mt Pinatubo at Dupont and Christie?

I noticed that each of these places delivers and we live locally -- has anyone tried either of them and can you recommend it for good food?

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  1. This is only second-hand info, but as a fellow north Annex dweller (previously VERY close to the restaurants in question) I have looked into both in the past. Never made it ourselves, but heard only good things about Saigon Gourmet. No raves to suggest it would be a destination, but consistently "pretty good" to "good" rankings, a few recommendations of their pho, etc. Enough good feedback that it seems worth a try on a laid back, no-cooking night. If you do try, please report back - would love to hear from a CH-er if the good feedback is true.

    1. I order takeout form Saigon Gourmet all the time and it's consistently fresh, good food. For the price you couldn't ask for better. I live in the area as well and it's my go-to place for busy days. My favourite is the chili beef.
      I've never tried Mt Pinatubo. I'd be curious to hear how it is. I rarely see customers in there...

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        I used to order fro Saigon Gourmet all the time, but have moved on to New Ho King. Started at New Ho King, but the lack of ability to speak and understand English drove me batty, even tho the food was good. Found Saigon Gourmet flier in my mail and tried it, but the food can be inconsistent. Solved my problem by ordering through EAT, an online service that gets rid of the language barriers. New Ho King is great quality and a bit more expensive, but worth it.

        1. re: Danybear

          Two years later and New Ho King quality has dropped like a stone. Now I do Swatow or House of Gourmet, even tho neither delivers