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Feb 8, 2010 07:36 AM

Heading to Eastern Townships - any recs?

A Boston hound here looking for some restaurant recs in Eastern Townships. Looks like I'll be staying near Magog (going skiing).

Any good smoked meat and/or inteesting places? Thanks...

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  1. Magog is a nice little town - lots of cafes and restaurants. Can't recommend any in particular, it's been too long since my last visit!
    For smoke meat, you have to come to Montreal!

    To get you started, here are a few threads on the Eastern townships:

    1. Owl's Bread on the main street in Magog. They have delicious bread and baked goods, but also serve light, bistrot type meals. Simple and relaxed atmosphere.

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        Just a quick report back from Magog:

        Tried Guacamole and Tequilia on Sat night - bad name but surprisingly pretty good and authentic Mexican food - the sauces for both the mole and the other pork dish had a good kick and were definitely homemade - nice ambiance and friendly service...

        Fondissimo on Sun (Valentine's Day - part of a package) - also fun - liked the cheese fondue the best - the chinese hot pot had abundant food but lacked a little flavor - and very decent chocalate fondue - not surprisingly it was very crowded...

        also there is a smoke meat place called B&G smoked meat - now it's no schwart's or smoked meat pete's - but definitely on par with other places in montreal - good flavor and size - a bit lean for my liking -

        anyway that's all - otherwise had a great time skiing...

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          I also stumbled upon Guacamole y Tequila with a pack of hungry friends and we were glad we walked the extra block or two and found it. Everything was excellent, and surprisingly authentic given the somewhat remote location!

      2. North Hatley (15-20 minutes from Magog) has a fine restaurant at Manoir Hovey (Hovey Manor) - considered 5-star dining. It was one of the finest dining experiences we've had.

        1. MAGOG! Great little town, I go every year! Used to rent a cottage in that neck of the woods too as I did lots of fishing in that area.
          Restaurant L'expresso
          1691 Chemin De la Rivière-aux-Cerises
          Magog, QC J1X3W3 (819) 843-7320
          Great little family owned italian restaurant. Been going there for ages and they never screwed up. Its just a nice comfortable place to have a cozy italian signature dish.
          Great pasta! and pretty sure they have good mussels and fish too.

          1. It's not Magog but it's not far away, in Ayers Cliff there's Auberge Ripplecove: - had a very romantic anniversary stay and meal there. Highly recommended!