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Where to buy canned pumpkin?

Can't seem to find any at Safeway, Giant, Trader Joe's... is it nowhere to be found out-of-season in DC?

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  1. I'm pretty sure that's a result of the terrible 2009 harvest:


    1. Search General Chowhounding Topics for "canned pumpkin shortage". The dearth last fall was due to poor growing conditions in 2008. Since 2009's summer was even worse, there will likely be another shortage this coming fall. The manager of a Boston area supermarket told me that "nobody" buys canned pumpkin except during the last quarter of the year. Not true, obviously, and in some ethnicities, pumpkin is used in a lot of cooking, so the amount stocked year-round will vary with demographics. But it does explain why in many areas supermarkets stock very little canned pumpkin for most of the year.

      1. Not to get your hopes up unnecessarily, but I saw some cans of pumpkin in the small corner grocery in Capitol Hill not far from Union Station. (I remembered it because it was unusual--I couldn't find canned pumpkin anywhere before Halloween, but now it shows up??)

        Capitol Hill Supermarket
        241 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast

        1. I found canned Libby's Pumpkin at Shopper's in Arlington, VA (Jefferson Davis Hwy). They have the large cans there and there were plenty!

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            Thanks so much, all! If anyone has any more suggestions (especially in metro DC), would be much appreciated!

          2. I got a couple of cans at Yes! Market on Capitol Hill a few days ago--organic, and on special at $2.19 per can.

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              These are probably a haul from DC, but MOM's organic market has it, as does Roots (Olney and Clarksville, MD) I give it to one of my dogs, so keep an eye on the shelves.

            2. There are a few cans for sale in Baltimore at the Canton Safeway, if you're interested in a short drive.

              1. Hmm, I bought a can of organic canned pumpkin not very long ago at the Westbard Giant in Bethesda, but it was in the organic/healthy food aisle (across from frozen foods) and not in the regular canned food aisle.

                1. In a pinch, unsweetened canned (or fresh-baked. peeled & mashed) sweet potatoes can typically be substituted 1:1 for canned pumpkin.

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                    I bought Libby's 15oz canned Pumpkin a couple weeks ago at the Giant in Timonium across from the Fairgrounds, where the Krispy Kreme used to be. Strangely, Wegmans, up the road in HV had none..no idea why...

                  2. Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan has it.

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                      You can buy some butternutsquash and then boil it and mash it yourself. Most of the time the canned is butternut anyways and then you can control the taste more and don't have to deal w/ the perservatives. .