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Feb 8, 2010 07:29 AM

[DFW] Best French Fries in the Metroplex [DFW]

I am sure by now most of you think I eat ethnic food almost everyday. Actually I pretty much do, be it at home or eating out. On an occasion, I get a craving for the standard classics just done in near perfection.

In this case I am looking for french fries. I prefer a hand cut fresh potato over a frozen pre cut fry. I also like more thick cut than thin and preferably with the skin still on. I prefer a crisp exterior with a soft interior. I really don't care for the limp fried fries.

I really enjoy the fries at Mooyah (Coppell location), one they are thick with skins still intact, they are crispy and they freshly cut. They also come with little salt or no salt by request(which I prefer) so I can add my own. Mooyah also encourages malt vinegar to be sprinkled on them, which is a twist from the Heinz Ketchup I am used to.

So where are your favorite places for french fries? Are there any interesting condiments you put on your fries (i.e. fish sauce, Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce, etc) or do you just eat them plain?

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  1. I have to say day to day that Big Easy is in my top 5. I will also give Kenny's burger joint points for both their Kenny's fries and their "old fries (shoe string).

    1. Mignon near the corner of Spring Creek and Preston in Plano has my favorite fries. Twice fried.
      and to answer your other question, for some reason, I Iike dipping my fries in tartar sauce.

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        I agree! (I use the German/French traditional dip with these - Mayo!)

      2. Central Market/Southlake. Pretty sure they do the two fry method. Crispy and blistered on the outside, soft on the inside - no condiment needed on these.

        1. Neighborhood Services has outstanding french fries. I've attached a picture... not the best I've taken, but it conveys the style of french fry. This batch has a bit of what I consider undercooked fries - I prefer the golden brown, externally crisp, internally light and fluffy fries on the right. Often the entire batch looks like those, and the quality is quite reproducible - they had some trouble a month or so after opening, but the last five batches I've eaten over the course of a couple of months have been fantastic.

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            Roger that gavlist. The fries at NS are killer!

          2. The frites at Sapristi in FW are really good.