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Feb 8, 2010 07:28 AM

Best Sandwiches...?

Looking for suggestions of where to get really good sandwiches, whether it may be a roast beef poboy, shrimp poboy, ham sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, or a vietnamese poboy (banh mi)... Point being...I just want to find me a good sandwich. I'm a sandwich junkie and am always looking for really good bitesin Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans or the Westbank. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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  1. How about a best-of with subcategories:
    --best bahn mi: the one with pate & ham from Dong Phuong; second runner up is a bahn mi thit nuong from Pho Tau Bay
    --best roast beef: Joe Sepies in old Jefferson
    --best BLT: Stein's deli
    --best ham-n-cheese: the brie & jamon de bayonne on baguette at St. James Cheese company
    --best cheesesteak: Stein's deli again, on Tuesdays only
    --best organ meat sandwich: fried chicken livers w/coleslaw at Mahoney's
    --best pastrami on onion roll: Kosher Cajun deli, on Severn in Metairie
    --best panino: the seared tuna w/black olive pesto at Gelato Pazzo on Oak St.
    --best all around sandwich offerings: Martin's Wine Cellar deli (Metairie)
    --best "cold cuts" (aka charcuterie): the Gambino at Cochon Butcher

    Now if somebody could tell me where to get a good French dip...and for the life of me, I can't think of a good grilled chicken sandwich around town.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      HC--what/where is Joe Sepies? Agree w/several of your other choices so I'd like to try that RB (po-boy, I assume).

      1. re: nomadchowwoman

        Jeff Hwy near Central. he has different offerings of roast beef. you'll also need to ask for extra gravy on the side. we order from here a lot.

      2. re: Hungry Celeste

        One of my worst dining experiences ever is an establishment on your list. Dined at Martins in Metairie a few months back, I ordered a California sandwich and noticed only one slice of turkey on my sandwich, one slice!!!!
        My partners sandwich a corned beef was all fat, all fat no meat!!!!!
        You would think that this establishment would serve alot better sandwiches while charging luxury prices.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste


          Unfortunately, the best (really noteworthy) that I have had is not in NOLA, but Denver. In NOLA, I have yet to find a great one, and there should well be. Acy's of years-gone-by, had a really good one, but they are history.

          I'd be curious too, and hope that someone nails it for both of us.

          Not familiar with Joe Sepies, but know that neighborhood well. I still judge the RB by Frank's, but now that he and his M-I-L are gone, Parkway has done it for me. We usually load up on various seafood (AZ is NOT the fried seafood capital of the US), but I would make an exception for a great RB. Gotta' try it.

          As always, thank you for the insight. It is appreciated.



          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            +1 on best BLT for Stein's. Also at Stein's: Best reuben and best anything-on-a-bagel.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              HC--found a good grilled chicken sandwich on bun at Parenton's PoBoys

              1. re: mckenzie

                And where is this place? How is the chix seasoned? Ordinary bun or house-made?

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Parenton's is located one block off of Central Ave and one block off of Jefferson Hwy on Ellen St. It is 3 houses away from the Venezia's on Central Ave. on the same side of street in the neighborhood. The bun is a large seeded bun with a buttery taste--the chicken is so tender and juicy with a hint of garlic--I have also had the po-boy but favor the bun . I found this place last Sept. and have been there at least once a week--working my way through the menu and haven't been disappointed yet-hearty portions with good taste

              2. re: Hungry Celeste

                Liuzza's by the Track for Chicken club or Po'boy,

              3. J'Anita's, RiverPond Seafood, The Galley, Crabby Jack's, Parenton's

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                1. re: edible complex


                  I am always on your "page," when it comes to recs. However, on strong recs. from trusted sources, we've done The Galley on 3 occasions, and have left each time scratching our heads. I know that many love, and recommend them, but what the heck have we done wrong? It's been some years now, but IIRC, we've done the shrimp plate, softshells and the oyster plate, plus some po-boys. Nothing has left a really good impression. Gotta' be OE on our part. Can you enlighten me. I really want to know what we've just missed.



                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    if a special, get the crabmeat au gratin to start for a shared app (it's usually an entree special). I usually stick w/boiled seafood there: crawfish, crabs and shrimp or any of the stuffed seafood specials. for my fried seafood po boys, I have other places for that and stick to Galley's boiled.

                2. Anyone tried the Kingfish Grille in Gretna? Haven't been there but they have a good variety and prices seem much more reasonable than Stein's. Probably not as "gourmet"
                  Menu is online:

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                  1. re: germyw

                    The sandwiches are good, but nothing special

                  2. IMO best RB is at Parkway, best fried Oyster at Cassemento's, since I prefer my muffuletta"s hot either Napolian's or Cafe Mespero. I must give an honorable mention to Liuzza's by the Track for Rb and their BBQ shrimp. I havnt had a chance to make it to Verti Marte yet but it's definately on my list.

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                    1. re: stvtunlvzn

                      Has anyone ahd the "homemade" pastrami at Parkway, I noticed on the menu last time I was there. Lean, fatty, smokey, how is it?

                    2. Listed by sandwich:
                      Muffulettas - Napoleon House, Central Grocery, Johnny's Po-Boys, Come Back Inn
                      Oyster Po-Boy / Oyster Loaves - Casamento's, Acme Oyster House, Bozo's, Johnny's Po-Boys
                      Roast Beef Poor-Boy - Mother's, Johnny's Po-Boys, Parasol's, Mike Serio's Deli, R&O's