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Feb 8, 2010 06:55 AM

Onlyburger in Durham/RTP

Looking for a review of this burger truck? I saw it the other day but was just wondering what everyone thought of their food.

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  1. http://carpedurham.com/2008/09/10/onl...

    They are also getting a fixed location in Hope Valley Sq.

    1. I tried them several months ago at Golden Belt during a third Friday. The burger and fries were really tasty. ISTR a thinner rather than thicker patty and thinner fries...may be wrong though. I do remember we all liked the food so much that we were very bummed when they were not at the next 3rd Friday we attended. Seems Golden Belt has an on-site food service now and they were providing chow in a tent outside. It was alright, but not as good as Onlyburger!

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        Word on the street is that Only Burger is returning to Golden Belt for Third Fridays...or at least this next one on February 19. I know I will be there in line!

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          That is great news! If we can go, we'll wait and eat there! I wonder what changed their position? The on-site people indicated that their contract only allowed them to offer food...glad that may not be the case.

      2. I really liked the burger--it was juicy and cooked exactly how I like it. The fries we thin, hot, and just right on the salt. The only thing I would change is to ask them not to butter and grill the bun. The buttery bun was too rich and detracted from the burger, IMHO.

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          Had a burger and fries after strolling around the farmers market in September. Good burger with a great slice of heirloom tomato and organic egg option. The burger itself is a thin, griddled variety on a soft bun. The beef is organic and grass-fed, but has a mild flavor. Thin, hand cut fries in peanut oil were tasty and had enough crunch. All in all, I thought the food was above average and a little better than five guys for point of reference.

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            How is it that you know the beef is organic and grass-fed? You'd think they'd advertise that if it were so. There's no mention of it on their website and I've never seen it written on any of the whiteboard menus on or around the truck.

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              I'm almost positive that the burgers are not grass fed or organic. Very tasty though......

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                I remember them advertising as such. Maybe things changed or I am wrong, but a friend I was with at the farmer's market was telling me their whole story. He sold me on the provenance of their beef and I bought a burger even though I'd already had lunch. I'll do a little digging and find out if I've been mis-informed

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                  After a call to the truck, I found out they use Montana Ranch. All Natural beef with no added antibiotics. Grass fed in the summer, grain fed in the winter with no corn or animal by-product. They are not certified organic, but do adhere to organic agriculture principals. The advertising I remembered on the truck was All Natural Beef, not organic.

        2. I was not impressed. It's pricey for what it is and you have to wait too long to get your food. If you want a good upscale burger I think you're better of heading over to The Federal or Dain's Place.

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            I'm with you, bbqme. The Only Burger Truck's burgers are fine, but I think it's the thrill of getting stuff off the truck that seems to make them taste so much better. I think the Federal and Dain's make a different kind of burger though - meatier. For OB type burgers one could go to Cookout or Char-Grill.