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Feb 8, 2010 06:31 AM

Sun Xing Garden Yonkers

OK, I got a menu in my mailbox from this place and am now curious about it. http://www.sunxinggarden.com/Menu.asp...

Elsewhere, I have heard that it might actually be better than your run of the mill chinese place. Its location in that awful little strip plaza on Midland Avenue near the Cross County Shopping Center made me think it was probably really bad (I know good restaurants can be hidden in strip malls).

Has anyone else tried it? They at least have scallion pancakes and the singapore style rice noodles (which seems to be a rarity for chinese restaurants in these parts). There's a picture of the place on the Web site but it's near the Mobile Station by the Cross County.(Kimball and Midland)

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  1. Menu seems to indicate it's a run-of-the-mill Chinese place... Chow Mein??? Aaargh.

    Take a 10 minute drive to Bronxville for Wild Ginger. No Chow Mein. Good stuff. Dishes you cannot get in a Chinese takeout.

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      And chop suey. I don't believe I had seen that until I moved back here (at least not since the 1970's).

      1. re: jcmods

        From the menu, it appears to me it's being operated by a family that has Cantonese origins....

        1. re: fourunder

          Hard to tell that, they don't serve anything called "chow mein" nor any dish that looks like it in the province of Canton...

      2. re: menton1

        When I said "better than Run of the Mill" I didn't mean on par with Flushing or something like that. Yes, the American sounding dishes scare me (Chop Suey and Chow Mein). Just that there is considerable variation in quality even amongst these suburban type joints.

      3. I've gotten food from there. Never again. Run of the mill mediocre.

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          Sho nuff. Always trust Chowhounds not Yelp.

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            growing up I had friends who worked there and used to get free food all the time. When I moved back to this area a few years ago I would go every now and then just to get something quick and fast. They are now the epitome of fast food suburban American Chinese.

          2. Just two minutes away in Fleetwood on Gramatan Ave there are several good Asian restaurants. I haven't been to Wild Ginger in Bronxville yet, I have heard both good and bad about it.

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              Yeah, I am a fan of spring asian even if it is fusion. I guess in the case of Sun Xing, looks were not decieving.

              1. re: jcmods

                Looking at the pictures on their site, some items look good and some don't. As you have indicated, you have heard it is, or might be better than other places. I'm curious as to why you simply do not go and try the dishes you have mentioned you like in general, rather than listen to a bunch of strangers.....what's it going to cost you to find out for yourself....$10? Some people do like the older styles of Chinese cooking.