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Feb 8, 2010 05:57 AM

Valentine's Bourbon Suggestions

I'm looking for some recommendations for a nice bottle of bourbon to buy for my husband for Valentine's day. My price limit is $100 (although I could go a little over for something amazing). His favorites now are Woodford Reserve and Eagle's Rare. I'm in Columbus without a huge selection of obscure bourbons, but I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. 4 roses single barrel, old forrester birthday bourbon(make sure to get the birthday version if you get this one), jefferson’s presidential select, and there is an older eagle rare, 17yo I think.

    1. If you could find the 17 year Eagle Rare, it would make an Eagle Rare drinker very happy. I've seen it as cheap as $52 but often sells for around $77.

      Otherwise, I love my bottle of George T. Stagg.

      1. To add to the other selections:

        - Pappy Van Winkle 20 should be just inside of your price range and is very nice.
        - Black Maple Hill has a 16 year old expression that might fit your budget (a bit on the rare side, at least in my area, but definitely worth it if you can find it).

        If you go for one of the less expensive whiskeys that have been suggested (e.g. Four Roses Single Barrel, which is great and only $45 or so), or if you want to spend a bit more, you might consider pairing the whiskey with a set of Riedel Bourbon glasses, which definitely add a nice extra dimension to the experience.

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          Thank you for the great suggestions. I know I tried the Pappy Van Winkle and the Four Roses mentioned at a "Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ" event this year and liked them. Unfortunately, my store didn't have any of these. I need to find a better selection in Columbus, OH. I ended up with a bottle of Woodford and one of Booker's (I had hoped to not buy one from Jim Beam and instead get something more original, but it was at least one we haven't tried). I am keeping the list so I can get them when I see them. As far as glasses, the Riedel ones sound great. I'll have to look for those. I bought him a set of Waterford double old-fashioneds that we swear make everything taste better, but I'm a sucker for buying more glassware.

          1. re: Lauren in OH

            If you're ever in the Cincy area head across the river to Newport and go to the Party Source. They have special blends from both 4 Roses and Buffalo Trace (along with about 100 other bourbons). For Valentine's Day you gotta go with roses, right?

            1. re: JohnE O

              Oh, thank you for the suggestion! We have friends we're planning to visit soon in Cincy and I figured there must be somewhere good acrodd the river, but wasn't sure where to go!

            2. re: Lauren in OH

              Binny's in Chicago does mail order. Even in NYC, we'll buy from Binnys