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Feb 8, 2010 05:49 AM

Twenty Fifth Anniversary in the 6th Arrondissement

As a surprise for my wife, we will be spending 5 nights in March at the Hotel D'Aubisson in the 6th E.

Having done the tourist things on prior visits, it is intended to be low key, to enjoy the local community, the bread, wine and cheese shops, the cafes and the bistros. Some shopping in the galleries and maybe a museum

Any suggestions for shops, lunches, dinners would be great AND given that it is our 25th wedding anniversary, where should we go for that special dinner ?

Many thanks
Juan Berbatov

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  1. As you are in the midst of MANY fabulous restaurants, I'm a bit surprised the "regulars" haven't stepped up to help you.

    My bride and I like buying great food in the markets & bakeries and preparing it in our apartment for breakfast and dinner and do our serious sinning at lunch, when prices are affordable. We also like to picnic from the little grocery stores near wherever we decide to walk on a particular day.
    Having knocked your request back to the top, i'll watch for a few days and chime back in with our eating out experiences in the 6th. But I'm certain you'll get some good advice from people who really know Paris.

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      Hychka - I think the lack of responses is fatigue, these general questions for the 6eme (and 7eme) are asked on a frequent basis, thus the board is full of good suggestions already. It is easier to answer specific questions, and/or questions that have demonstrated a little research i.e. I heard A and B are good, but which is best for X.

      Even a request like a 25th anniversary is tricky without understanding style, taste and budget (after all this can easily get to €300 each?)

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        I agree with PhilD and suggest that Juan Berbatov search on PhilD and read some of his excellent comments and suggestions for what to do in the Sixth. Just click on his name above. About a year ago he gave excellent advice to someone staying in a hotel almost into the 7th, which I couldn't find just now, and my wife and I tried several of his suggestions and they were great. Maybe PhilD will dig that one out for you.

        A favorite of ours, having gone three times now, is Hidden Kitchen, which you can find at It is very popular and hard to get a spot...last time we were placed on a wait list and ran over at the last moment. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves eating with Laura and Braden...they attract the most interesting people! (I should note that Hidden Kitchen is NOT in the 6th, but close by.)

        1. re: hychka

          "I agree with PhilD and suggest that Juan Berbatov search..."
          Me too; there's lots of info here.
          I happen to think Ze and KGB are the best in the 6th,, but for 25th anniversary, I dunno, down the street to Jacques Cagna, haven't been in years but reports are strong.

    2. Congratulations on your anniversary.

      Your nearest market is rue de Buci, but it tends toward the expensive, but très chic crowd.
      A very good market, and not far, is the Maubert market, on bld St Germain Maubert.
      Markets are closed from 1pm to 4pm (give/take half hour) and Sunday afternoon and Monday

      A good celebratory eatery near you would be Ze Kitchen Galerie.

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      1. re: Parigi

        Go to the florist on the Rue de Buci and buy flowers for your hotel room in the little plastic bag vases he creates for this.

      2. Take her to "la Tour d'Argent". Perfect place for a romantic anniversary (even after all the recent fuss about the Michelin stars, the view is still one of the best in Paris!). I was at ZKG last week, and loved it, but not for that special occasion.

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          You can pre-order and pay for the specialties at La Tour d'Argent: the quenelles de brochet and the duck etc. It creates a special ambience as it appears that you are being treated as VIPs.

        2. Thank you all for bringing my posting "to life" and I very much appreciate the input that has been given in the last couple of days. I have been reading and searching this website which is really helpful and positive. I also enjoy current postings and help

          We will certainly head for the market on Rue de Buci and I love the idea of buying flowers from the florist to take to the room.

          I will also explore further La Tour D'Argent.

          Any thoughts on a bakery, or wine shop or cheese shop ?

          Again thank you all for taking the time to post.

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          1. re: Juan Berbatov

            The 6e is bakery/pastry heaven: Pierre Herme, Laduree, Gerard Mulot, Carton, a branch of Paul, the Japanese inspired Sadaharu Aoki, a little further on r. d'Assas is Christian Constant. Also Poilaine. Cheese shop; Fromagerie 31 on rue de Seine, over in the 5th is Laruent Dubois, a few block to the 7e is Barthelemy and a branch of Androuet. A little further in the 7e is Quatrehomme. One of the best wine shop is La Derniere Goutte. Those are just a start.

          2. Again, thank you, I really appreciate all the help in trying to understand a neighbourhood.