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Feb 8, 2010 04:26 AM

Need several lunch recs for Sat, Sun & Mon

My wife & I will be in NY this weekend & need some lunch recs in SoHo area for Saturday & Monday. Also need lunch recs in Midtown near Theaters or Midtown East before a Saturday matinee show for Saturday & Sunday. We are foodies, but are not looking to have a formal lunch. Would like a great burger, sushi, great pizza, maybe mediteranean, new american, or thai/vietnamese. We were trying to stay away form the usual delis in the theater district. I was thinking of Savoy or Hundred Acres as possibilities, but wanted more options. Saturday evening we are going to The Mercer Kitchen for dinner & Sunday we are having italian for dinner. I welcome suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Manhattan is not that strong in Vietnamese (too small of an immigrant population demanding high quality foods) or Thai (better in Queens especially now that Rhong Tiam has closed/moved).

    Soho lunch, on a Saturday, most places will be serving a brunch menu and some will have pretty large crowds, so make sure you plan ahead. You can actually get a pretty good burger at the seafood restaurant Lure. There's also Arturo's pizza nearby (much better than the nearby Lombardi's although I haven't tried Mezzaluna). I also love lunch at Blue Ribbon Bakery or 'ino, which are quite near Soho if you're nearer to 6th Avenue.