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Feb 7, 2010 09:04 PM

Butchers with Wild Boar

Any butcher shops that can get wild boar? Is this an incredibly expensive item?

I'd hunt it myself but guided hunts are quite expensive.

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  1. I called the The Butcher Shop in the South End and they were able to get me a wild boar shoulder in just a couple days time. They charged me what they paid for it from the purveyor. At that time, it was around 10 bucks a pound for the shoulder. Not bad at all.

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      Wow! Can you provide a few more details, i.e. was it frozen? How many pounds? How did you cook it? Was it similar in taste to pork shoulder?

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        I highly suggest calling them. They have always been very helpful over the phone. I called them with the intent of getting some type of game meat to braise. I called them and they said they'd check with their purveyors and call me back with prices. They called me back a day later and told me what was available and the prices. I could have ordered bear meat if I wanted to, but it was twice the price of the boar. I placed my order with them and it arrived a day later. It was fresh (not frozen) and tasted delicious.

        I was looking for the shoulder, in particular, because I was planning to braise it. The flavor is nothing like pork shoulder but the texture is similar. I actually braised it first, then mixed it with a little bit of goat cheese to make a filling for ravioli. I finished the ravioli in a butter sauce with chopped tomatoes and basil. I drizzled black truffle oil over the top. mmmm....

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        if they charged you 10 dollars a pound they got you for a 100 percent markup of what they pay

      3. Savenors has wild boar, generally in stock without a special order.

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          I second Savenor's - I've had no problem getting wild boar there, though definitely worth calling a day or two ahead. I got 1-2 pounds, not frozen, cut it into cubes, and slow-cooked it on the stovetop into a dense tomato ragu for pasta. It's a lightly gamy red meat -- if you're in a pinch, lamb shoulder or venison shoulder are better substitutes than pork shoulder. (I found venison particularly delicious in the same ragu recipe.) In Italy I've also had it shredded over polenta, and cubed and cooked down to a spicy, meat-only stew.

        2. Wild Boar is readily available here in Pa.
          You should be able to find it in your area. There are also a number of web sites that ship
          all over the east coast. One of the ones I have used is in northern NJ.
          I just served a frenched rack of WB for the Super Bowl yesterday.

            1. Main Course in Canton MA sells boar - call and ask for Bob. He can order for you. And yes, it is expensive...