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Feb 7, 2010 07:57 PM

Looking for authentic Chinese restaurants in Orlando

Will be visiting Orlando in the Spring! Looking for suggestions on places with good Chinese food. Also , are there any Chinese/Asian supermarkets in Orlando?
Thxs in advance!

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  1. Hello Jay!

    I would have to recommend Ming Bistro off of Mills Avenue near Colonial Drive. They have authentic chinese and serve dim sum daily and were voted Best Chinese of Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel. It is also helpful that it is in a predominantly Asian area of town where there are various markets nearby that you can visit including:

    Tien Hung Market
    Saigon Market (they have great chinese bakery items)
    Phuoc Loc Tho Market (the largest of the three above)

    If you are willing to drive maybe another 10 minutes , I would definitely recommend you checking out 1st Oriental Supermarket on the corner of Pine Hills Rd and Colonial Drive, they are hugeee with a large seafood section as well as a bakery etc, check out the other shops in the plaza too. Good luck!