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Feb 7, 2010 07:16 PM

made up food/ingredient/eating words.

I am sure we're all familiar with "nom", thanks to the interwebs, and also things like **shudders** EVOO and the like.

My current fave is "Mouthgasm".

But I was planning a dish for tonight, and was describing it to my nearly 18 y/o son, The Lima Bean...

I said:

"I am going to use the rest of the sagebush chevre by pushing it under the skin of a chicken and roasting it".

His reply?

"Mum, I think you might have just achieved Taste-varna"

Anyone else got a repertoire of food words that are worth sharing, as to enter the "nomnicon", as it were!!??

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  1. Lots of food-related neologisms (including my own, "orgasyum", and "feastasco", for a dinner party disaster) at

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      the word of the day is one of yours! care-nivore...i like it :)