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Feb 7, 2010 05:07 PM


Thanks for all your input - my trip through SC and GA on I-95 in search of regional BBQ (or seafood) has been narrowed down - you guys are AGAINST GA Pig, so here are some other places, please give me you opinions - I am leaning toward Smokin Pig in Richmond Hill, GA. Blues BBQ E. Kingsland, Jack's Bar-B-Q Review, Kingsland, G Daddy's Real Barbeque, Kingsland, Captain Stan's Smokehouse, Woodbine, Parker's BBq, Wilson-near Beaufort, B&J's, Darien I wanted to try Brunswick stew while there. Holton's Seafood, Midway Ga. Pooler's Savannah. I am still open to suggestions and will be on 95 until I get to New Smyrna Beach. I would love some seafood recommendations, I only have a few - looks like Blackbeards might be a buffet, Mahoney's -oyster bar that makes individual stews jut for you, Breakers is next on the list.
I LOVE hearing ya'll debate these restaurants! And thanks again!

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  1. There's a BBQ restaurant at the Darien exit on I-95 called Smoky Joe's. It's on the outlet mall side of the Interstate. I rode by there yesterday and they tout their Brunswick Stew on their sign. They have a huge pile of wood out back and the smokehouse is on the left side. I ate their once a few years ago, so can't give a current review, but it might be worth a comparison stop. The atmosphere is definitely nicer than B&J's.

    One of the best seafood restaurants I've ever tried is Flagler Fish Company, not far off I-95 at Flagler Beach. It's a fish market with a restaurant operation and is fabulous.

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      Smokin Pig is awfully good. If you are near Savannah on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, do your self a huge favor and pick up a slab of ribs from the guys at Emerald City. They set up their grills in the parking lot of this car detailing place and I think they are the best spare ribs I've had. Pick up a slab, cross the street to Popeye's for some slaw and iced tea. Drive out to the Savannah Nat'l Wildlife Refuge and you'll have yourself a picnic you won't soon forget.

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        Ooooh that sounds soooo good! We're going to Savannah for a long weekend in March and this is going right to the top of my list. Thanks so much for posting about it, sunsh9e.

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          What sounds so good? What is at the top of your list?

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          Your post is confusing. What is Emerald City? Where is the "car detailing place"? How do they relate to Smokin Pig? Is this 3 separate places?

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            Emerald City is a car wash/detailing place. I think it's on Bull Street or somewhere around there.

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              Thanks for the clarification, JayL! I must say that the idea of getting a slab of ribs from some guys set up in the parking lot of a car detailing place (how random is that?) sounds very appealing!

      2. Hello fellow chowhounds! I had a fairly good trip to Daytona and New Smyrna Beach from SC. I took some advice and ate at the Smokin' Pig in Richmond Hill, GA on the way down. Despite accurate directions, was glad we had a GPS. It was ok, we both had BBQ sandwiches, I tried the Brunswick stew for a side and it was put on a sectioned plate - not what I would call stew. I wouldn't make an effort to find it again. On the way back we found Allen's BBQ in Brunswick, GA, there are two locations. Ours was in a strip mall and really good. I tried the Brunswick stew and this time it was very good, thick and in a cup. I had ribs and my husband had brisket. Both were seasoned well, tender and the sauce was just right - I like mustard based and the hot one was mustard. I have decided Brunswick stew is a tomatoe based vegetable soup with some pork added. I am still hooked on our southern hash, that I think you can only find in SC and maybe NC, Here in Greenville, SC, Henry's is the best! I have had others and some home made stuff that the recipe for is about 5 pounds of this and 5 pounds of that and we aren't sure we really want to know the ingredients!
        While in Florida, we left the Saturday Nationwide race, FREEZING and wishing we had stayed in SC to see the one prettiest snow of the year but we came upon a place called the River Grill on Tomoka River north of Ormond Beach, which is where they routed traffic - 40 miles north of where we were heading, It was very good, the lobster bisque hit the spot after being so cold all day and the seafood platter was offered in small or large portions. The small was good and just enough. I don't remember what my husband had but he was happy with it - probably salmon. Our trip started out cold in upstate SC and as soon as we got into Georgia it started raining hard and cold. We thought we were making a smart decision to drive instead of fly since it is about an 8 hour drive, but I 95 is nothing to see but pine trees and salt marshes - after a traffic jam in Jacksonville that lasted an hour, I was wishing we had flown. We got to a beautiful suite at the Holiday Inn in New Smyrna Beach and I had brought peanuts, chips, breakfast bars, chocolates and drinks so we watched the opening of the Olympics and were shocked to see footage of the luge athlete getting killed. We got hungry about 11:00 p.m. and went to B.J.'s Bar/Grill and had a spinach/feta pizza that was good.
        The next day the sun came out so the Daytona 500 wasn't quite so cold, but if anybody paid any attention to the race, you will know there was an hour and a half delay because of a hole in the asphalt, then they started the race again and had to stop again to try and patch the hole. We sat in traffic Saturday for hours after the Nationwide race and decided to leave and get ahead of twice as much traffic. We made it back to our hotel room and watched the end of the race in a warm room with an ocean view. Then got hungry. I had checked Trip Advisor and GPS for local restaurants and Norwood's Wine Bar and Restaurant were on the list of close places in New Smyrna Beach but no reviews. The three times we came by there the parking lot was packed. So we went for Valentine's supper and it was GREAT. Good food, good wait staff, timely and cheerful service. I couldn't have asked for better! We had scallops for an appetizer - not bacon wrapped, sauteed and with some kind of wasabi noodles as a nest for them. I can't remember what my husband had - again, some kind of fish and I don't care for fish as much as I try - but his was good and not fishy. We waited at the bar for a table, but only long enough to order a drink. The bartender said he had been there for 10 years and made me a great Margarita from scratch. I would say this place is really worth trying as was the River Grill, it had a great sunset view over the river, even though it was unseasonably cold they had the porch enclosed with plastic and propane heaters out there. We had enough of the cold and being outside. This is the first race I have been to - maybe 8 in all - that I didn't drink a beer, though my sweet husband carried around a six pack cooler all day - it was too cold for a beer. And I can't believe we drove that far and left before the race was over! Not going to do that next year, my racing season will be limited to races near here and the last one in Homestead-Miami in November, then we will go to the Keys for a last warm blast before winter sets in! And by the way, I am the race fan, not my husband, so I dragged him on this trip and he had to drive, and freeze. So he is a good man and a good sport. Thanks for your advice, hope if you read this far you enjoy or it helps you in your future travels! Diane

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          Allens only has that one location & it is good, if you have more time Make your way over to Southern Soul On St Simons Is. Guy from DDD was there yesterday. They are the best in the area.

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            For future reference, I don't know of anyone who was ever disappointed at the Pink Pig in Levy SC, just a few miles North of Savannah