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mexican near USC

abby Apr 21, 2005 11:17 AM

I used to eat at a dark little Mexican place just a block or two off (north) USC's campus. Can't remember what it was called or exactly where it was. Any thoughts?

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  1. c
    carter RE: abby Apr 21, 2005 11:37 AM

    Here is a post from yesterday on one place that might be what you are thinking of.

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. s
      Silver Lake Guy RE: abby Apr 21, 2005 11:57 AM

      We used to go all the time. Good clean place that's a terrific value, though way too much food. Fight on.

      La Barca
      2414 S Vermont
      LA 90007

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      1. re: Silver Lake Guy
        mc michael RE: Silver Lake Guy Apr 21, 2005 02:33 PM

        Sometimes called La Barfa.

        1. re: Silver Lake Guy
          Tusc RE: Silver Lake Guy Apr 21, 2005 07:46 PM

          I remember going to La Barca a lot during my days at USC, good family style Mexican, nice place.

          I also remember a stand down the street at Adams and Vermont called El Rey's which served a "garbage burrito," tasty and about the size of a football.

          La Barca is still there, El Rey's has been replaced.

        2. s
          Senor Popusa RE: abby Apr 21, 2005 01:23 PM

          Of the two places below I prefer La Tequiza. The food is better. But I don't think they have a liquor license, so if you require Margaritas than it isn't the place for you...

          La Tequiza also has an old Jonathan Gold review hanging on the wall.

          1. t
            Ty Martin RE: abby Apr 22, 2005 10:52 PM

            If you were drunk when going to this mexican food joint, there's a good chance you're thinking of Chanos...the roadside taco stand with a 15 minute wait at 3:00 am.

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