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Apr 21, 2005 11:17 AM

mexican near USC

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I used to eat at a dark little Mexican place just a block or two off (north) USC's campus. Can't remember what it was called or exactly where it was. Any thoughts?

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  1. Here is a post from yesterday on one place that might be what you are thinking of.


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      Silver Lake Guy

      We used to go all the time. Good clean place that's a terrific value, though way too much food. Fight on.

      La Barca
      2414 S Vermont
      LA 90007

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      1. re: Silver Lake Guy

        Sometimes called La Barfa.

        1. re: Silver Lake Guy

          I remember going to La Barca a lot during my days at USC, good family style Mexican, nice place.

          I also remember a stand down the street at Adams and Vermont called El Rey's which served a "garbage burrito," tasty and about the size of a football.

          La Barca is still there, El Rey's has been replaced.

        2. Of the two places below I prefer La Tequiza. The food is better. But I don't think they have a liquor license, so if you require Margaritas than it isn't the place for you...

          La Tequiza also has an old Jonathan Gold review hanging on the wall.

          1. If you were drunk when going to this mexican food joint, there's a good chance you're thinking of Chanos...the roadside taco stand with a 15 minute wait at 3:00 am.