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Feb 7, 2010 03:46 PM

Andaman Sea, Morristown - very good Thai

I've been several times before and always liked it, but I stopped in the other night just to grab a bite on my way home and wow! Maybe I just ordered right, but the two dishes I had were superb. I ordered the appetizer special seafood crepes. That was a bit misleading, they were almost exactly like scallion pancackes in a Sichuan restaurant. They were thin, perfectly fried and served with a redolent plum sauce. The jumbo shrimp chili were perfectly charred than doused with a wonderful chili sauce that had an amazing balance of heat and sweetness served on sauteed bok choy. Simple but so well done. I'm no expert on Thai food, so I can't judge it's authenticity. I do know well-prepared food.
It's opposite the train station on Morris St.

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