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Feb 7, 2010 03:45 PM

Mexican food on Church Ave? Kensington?

When I took the B35 bus on Church Ave I noticed that there are some Mexican groceries and restaurants. Is anyone familiar with this area/could make a recommendation of which ones are good? I'm talking about the area of Church Ave that you get to right before Coney Island Ave when taking the bus from Flatbush towards Sunset Park. Is that Kensington? If nobody knows what's up I am going to have to go on an exploratory mission ...I heard rumors of some kind of really good torta place over there but otherwise am drawing a blank.

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  1. The area you are describing is not Kensington exactly, it's more Prospect Park South, or Flatbush. There are tons of Mexican places in that area, and you should indeed go on an exploratory mission... there is amazing food to be found!

    If you venture further west, you will be in Kensington. Here's a link to an article on some of the shops. I think the best food is from the corner vendors, but they tend to keep irregular hours.

    1. My favorite Mexican in the area is Mexico Lindo y q Rico, on Coney Island avenue just south of Church (actually, south of where Church and Albemarle almost run into each other). On weekends, they have delicious barbacoa (goat) tacos, but the tacos al pastor are not bad, either. They also have a great breakfast dish, "huevos divorcios," or "divorced eggs," which consists of two eggs, one in green sauce and one in red. Not bad for a place that looks like a nondescript deli from the outside.

      La Huasteca, on Church between Westminster and Argyle, isn't as good, and it's pricier. My favorite thing about La huasteca is the caldo de pollo, or chicken soup, which is hearty as heck and great if you're sick.

      Tauqeria Poblano, on Church Ave around East 8th Street is iffy. I used to love their cemitas (sandwiches with melted white cheese on them), but sometimes they're off. The tacos there are usually pretty reliable, though.

      Los Palmeras, on Church between Stratford and East 10th, confuses me. Sometimes it actually seems like a restaurant and carries food -- which isn't bad -- and sometimes it seems more like a bar without the license and they don't seem particularly interested in serving food.

      There are other places in the neighborhood I haven't made it to yet, like Gavilan on Church and East 5th, or Guadalapana (I think I got the name wrong) on Coney Island Avenue and Albemarle, just south of Mexico Lindo y q rico.

      btw, I think of Kensington as being west of Coney Island Avenue and Prospect Park South as east of Coney Island Avenue.