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Feb 7, 2010 03:15 PM

Sri Lanka sambol

Anywhere in the DC area where you can purchase?

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  1. india a-1 grocery in arlington carries several sri lankan sambols. i just bought some katta sambol there a couple of weeks ago.

    the location is on lee hwy, just west of glebe (1/4 mile?) -- across from mickeyD's.

    1. May I suggest a Sri Lankan specialty store in Md called Spice Lanka (17517 Redland Road Derwood, MD 20855 301-216-2238). Haven't been there yet but am quite keen to go. I'm told they also have a carryout sort of operation with a few cooked dishes (curries and so on). As I say, can't vouch as I haven't been but local Sri Lankans tell me it's the real deal.

      1. Spice Lanka in Gaithersburg and Dhana Bazaar (Indo-Lankan grocery store near Montrose Crossing) in Rockville both have a good stock of Sri Lankan sambol - all different types and brands. Prepared food at Spice Lanka is far superior to the same at Dhana Bazaar. Bon appetit!

        1. I passed this thread along to a local friend from Sri Lanka. She recommends Spice Lanka. She also suggests Malini's Kitchen as an online source for great recipes.