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Strains in Todd English's Empire...

From today's Sunday Boston Globe....although I think anyone who's dealt with one of his restaurants recently wasn't unaware of various issues.


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  1. I'm glad everything is starting to catch up to him. All he cares about is becoming a celebrity and hanging with celebrities. His heart is not in the food anymore, even though he may say other wise.

    1. Well... it sounds like Chef is very business minded.
      A pre-nup is a smart move on his part. He should have talked to his ex- a lot sooner about then a few hours before the wedding.

      1. All the coverage of his wedding made him seem like a real pig. You can't dump your bride on your wedding day and expect female diners to flock to your restaurants. I was more put off by his very strange affect during the time he was a Top Chef guest judge--he seemed ice-cold and extremely creepy. My least favorite TC guest judge ever.

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          Yeah, he's always given me the willies whenever I see his pic in print or when he's on TV. He's definitely in love with himself. His "About" page is a veritable love-fest.

        2. He's the perpetator of one of the stupidest restaurant names ever to hit New York: "English is Italian" (to which my thought was, who gives a rat's behind). Says a lot about the man, it seems to me.

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            English is Italian flopped in NY as did the Libertine. Olives seems to be an after-thought with most NY diners. I regard it as a hotel restaurant which isn't always a bad thing but in the case of Olives it seems to live up to the low expectations. Rumor has it English is going to try again but I don't expect much.

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              Haven't darkened Olives' door, menu has nothing in particular to recommend it over any number of other places.

          2. Olives in NYC generated lots of excitement when it first opened. I remember dining there a couple of times and thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately, it seems like that was the apex of his culiniary career. I agee with some that he comes across as kind of creepy, almost meancing in some ways, but I enjoyed his old show.

            1. His restaurant in Connecticut (Tuscany) is downright awful for the price point. It wants to be a high end restaurant but the menu is extremely uneven as is the service. Tuscany is my only Todd English experience and based on that alone, I can't say I am surprised. Quality control when expanding a restaurant empire is of utmost importance.

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                Ditto on Tuscany - we had good meals a couple of times after it first opened, but haven't been there for years now. It's too bad he comes for WineFest and doesn't seem to have a clue what kind of food comes out of HIS kitchen day-to-day.

              2. Those of us with ties to Boston of course know that this particular monster was made, not born. He was at the forefront of the city's dining revolution, after all, and at the time he was the real deal: energetic, passionate, and, believe it or not, gracious.

                Too bad he sold out so long ago—really, nearly 10 years ago.