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Feb 7, 2010 03:08 PM

Victoria in February w/grandsons: 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast. Where to go?

Taking the Victoria Clipper to Victoria next week. Staying at the Empress. Boys 12 & 14 will eat and enjoy ANYTHING! We'd like to walk anywhere we go. Chinatown? Seafood? Sushi? Dim Sum? Priorities: food first, teen-friendly second.

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  1. My brother really likes Pink Bicycle - . I know my mom likes their burgers as well. I am very, very, very, very partial to Rebar - . In fact, at this very moment I have a big pot of soup from their cookbook simmering on the stove. If the weather is nice, fish and chips from Red Fish Blue Fish is great. If you look at a map of downtown and follow Broughton Street all the way to the bottom (where it crosses Wharf) they are down on the wharf itself (water level) at that intersection. Only outdoor seating at RFBF.

    1. Here is a relevant link with a long list of Victoria food destinations:

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        Look for the list associated with the above thread (I think it's called "Victoria hits"). Most are on a map - including Pink Bicycle (Jetgirly is right - great burgers) and Mo:Le for breakfast (near Chinatown). I wouldn't forsake breakfast in Victoria for our dim sum though - I think you have better dim sum in Seattle.

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          Victoria Hits (by cassie):

          I had good meals recently in Vicotria at The Pink Bicycle, Pizza Primastrada, Fairfield Fish&Chips and Stage.

      2. Another Vote for Pink Bike. Be warned they generally have a line up, so plan to either have a late lunch ot early dinner. I do not think they take reservations. It is just a few blocks from the Empress so walking distance.

        We love John's Noodle House a Chinese restaurant in a strip mall on Bay St off Blanchard.

        Pescatores is directly across the street from the Empess and another favourite for the adults in our family (our teens are not into seafood unless it is deep fried).

        Pagalacis is close by, very cramped, but the food is wonderful.

        John's Place is the place to go for good homestyle cooking.

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          Excellent help from everyone! Many thanks! We had lunch at Shizen - the walk and the short wait and the shared sushi were perfect. Returned by Rogers' Soda Shop which was underwhelming. Pink Bicycle for dinner: "Best burger ever" was the quote on the bison burger. "Best onion rings ever" was my take on those. My beef burger, mandated by BC to be cooked medium, was rather dry, though. Breakfast at Mo-Le was fine and the Chinatown location was fun. It was lovely weather the entire time, so we were able to eat outside at Red Fish, Blue Fish - perfect in every way, except we didn't get TWO orders of their fries. We went by Rogers' Chocolates on the way to the boat and that was a fine end to our trip.

          1. re: Marydan

            Sounds like you did well, Marydan, and the weather mostly cooperated which it mostly doesn't at this time of year, even in often-sunnier Victoria. I had the same experience with the beef burger at PB to the point where it was quite mealy and not at all yummy :-(. The fries at RFBF are pretty tasty but next time try the deep-fried pickles, mmm crunchy pickly goodness.

            1. re: grayelf

              Same experience with dryness, though I quite enjoyed the flavour. The texture was a bit ragged since the burger itself is mashed down on the griddle. The Onion Rings are indeed own kids give it their stamp of approval.

              @Marydan - if you prefer some rareness to your burger, post here again for some recommendations. (BC doesn't legislate burgers to be cooked medium...the decision is left to the restaurant - especially if they don't grind their own meat).