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Feb 7, 2010 03:07 PM

Papineau Metro

I just got a job that involves me getting off at Papineau, any good eats nearby? I know about Au Petit Extra but what else? On first glance it seems like kind of a wasteland but there's got to be some good stuff, right?

Thanks guys!

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  1. Unfortunately there's not too much around there that's worth going to. Here are a few suggestions:

    Kichenette is near by. (


    O'Thym is technically closer to Beaudry metro, though not far (


    La Mie Matinale has our favourite muffins in town, though their coffee is nothing to write home about. (

    There's also Chipotle y Jalapeno, and Euro Polonia on rue Amherst, though that might be getting a little far.

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      I quite enjoyed O'Chalet a while ago, 1393 René-Lévesque East, in front of Radio-Canada. Great gnocchis!