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Feb 7, 2010 02:42 PM

Help Navigating the VEGGIE GRILL menu

I'm gonna be at the Veggie Grill on Tuesday. What's good paired with their apparently great sweet potato fries?

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    1. The Chop chop chef is delightful even if you don't like fake meat items.

      1. Veggie Chili + SPF = YUM!! Add the kale side dish and you just MIGHT redeem yourself...MIGHT...


        1. Santa Fe Chikin sandwich (might be called southwest chikin, I can never remember which is correct)

          1. I LOVE their Papa;s Portabello burger... huge chunky succulent pieces of grilled portabello mushrooms. Also have been ordering their Chipotle BBQ Chix Sandwich also. I gave to my bf who detests vegetarian food.. total carnivore.. He devoured the sandwich in less than 2 mins!