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Feb 7, 2010 01:36 PM

Best 2010 Dine LA Menu / Experience?

In reviewing most of the menus posted for the Dine LA weeks, I find most of them to be too limiting and under whelming. My wife and I went to Grace this past Friday, and both the diversity of the menu and the food was excellent.

I am looking for other recommendations of restaurants to pursue during the expanded Dine LA week. I prefer to stay in LA, south of Melrose, north of Wilshire, and between Highland and Fairfax.


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  1. I enjoyed my experience at The Bazaar. The key is to come with a group of 4. With 4 pp we were able to share 20 small dishes. Avoid Craft. The menu is very mediocre for dinela. I should have tried Grace. My friend told me she had an incredible meal during dinela at Spago.

    1. Had a great DineLA lunch at The Palm downtown (near the Paper Clip Joint). For $22, I had a caesar salad (other choices were iceberg wedge w/blue cheese & bacon) or lobster bisque; an 11 oz. NY steak (as much meat as one really needs, especially at lunch) served with truffled fries, plus a bit heaping plate of homemade potato chips and friend onion strings, and choice of dessert (I had key lime pie; my friend had the cheesecake). Also served with a little relish dish of pickles & radishes. It was a TON of food. The steak was tender, flavorful and cooked to an exact medium rare as ordered. Yeah, I know, a steak isn't all that exciting, but this was a really good deal...especially at a place that normally charges about double the price just for a piece of meat.

      1. What expanded week? I'm looking on their website and don't see any reference beyond last Friday the 5th. Or are you just looking ahead to the next time it comes around?

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        1. I went to The Bazaar in October for dineLA, and LOVED it. I also loved trying Grace this time around. Had a wonderful experience at Fogo De Chao, too. Avoid Cafe Was....not a fantastic meal.

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            Also really enjoyed Fogo De Chao on Friday night.

          2. Grace has it going for an additional week but I see nothing on the dineLA website about other restaurants having a 3rd week. If it is extended we had a lovely dinner at IXV.