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Feb 7, 2010 01:31 PM

Cut? BLT?Craft? Or...?

In town next week after Valentine's Day. Ironically, we will be celebrating my dear friend's birthday which is Feb 14th, but not until the 15th. He leaves back home to Amsterdam and we want to treat him to a fantastic steak (hard to come by for him.) Since the lover's holiday will no doubt leave everyone in the business a tad edgy, we're hoping to still have a great experience on Monday. Thoughts and advice from LA Hounds much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would with CUT, a little bit more than the others but the meat is the star. Have not been to BLT Steak though.

    1. Been to all 3. All good quality. But no contest. Cut rules.

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      1. re: la tache burger

        CUT...just my 2 cents but I would do steak of your choice and the creamed spinach as a side. Plus do and I mean do have the pretzel bread with the Normandy die for. :)

        1. re: chris2269

          Yes, the pretzel bread rules. I eat it AFTER my steak. I've had several amazing veggie sides. And I guess try some kobe if you've got $$ to spare, but the 35 day aged NY is my fave, the best steak in town for my $$.

        2. re: la tache burger

          The side dishes at Cut are wonderful also.

        3. Thanks all for the views - 5 for 5. Cut it is. Now - any favorite must have dishes? What about the sampler beef platter. Is it worth it? Ooh, and pretzel bread? Done!