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Feb 7, 2010 01:05 PM

Suggestions for Belmont Area

Looking for a spot for dinner tonight. Thinking of heading to the Belmont area. We always end up at wild abandon. Any other suggestions. We are up for anything.

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  1. Ever try Hoda's at Belmont & 34th? I can't review it, never been there, but it's one I want to try soon. Maybe you can review it! ;-P

    Here's the dinner menu -

    Sounds good, and I'm in the mood for Lebanese myself these days. Haven't had any since the last time I hit Ya Hala in late 2007...

    1. I've actually eaten at Hoda's, and it is one of my least favorite Lebanese in town.

      Navarre on 28th & Burnside would be my first choice, but maybe they close at 4 today.

      how about Pambiche?

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      1. re: Leonardo

        Thanks, Leonardo...

        Is it bad bad, or at least "worth a try you maybe might like it"?

        That's kinda disappointing, it seemed like it might be really good. I'll still try it myself, though.

        While we're on the topic of Belmont, have you ever eaten at "Two Brothers" on the corner of Belmont & 39th? The Bosnian place? That's another one I'm thinking of hitting soon.

        1. re: Leonardo

          Thanks for the suggestions- checking on both now to see if they are open.

          1. re: Leonardo

            Navarre is open Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:30pm. Doesn't look like they have a menu online.

            Pambiche looks fun. Haven't had Cuban in a while. When I lived in Los Angeles I loved El Floridita and Versailles Cuban Restaurant.

            Since they are near each other, might drive by both before making a decision.

            1. re: alexa52

              I love Navarre. Menu changes constantly, so no surprise about the lack of online data. Have never been disappointed.

              Hold everything! How about Accanto, the bar of Genoa??!

          2. I would second the votes for Accanto or Navarre

            1. For your future reference, keep these places in mind when you're in the mood for something more casual:

              Hobnob Grille, in the Belmont Dairy building (the opposite corner from Zupan's). Sort of "upscale pub food". They were still finding their way the few times we went shortly after they opened but the kitchen was putting out more hits than misses.

              The Blue Monk, also in the Belmont Dairy building along Belmont. Excellent collection of tap beers and quite good "red sauce Italian." Open late.

              (the already mentioned) Two Brothers. Small menu of Bosnian/other Balkan sandwiches and other entrees, but really worth a visit.

              1. Thanks everyone. Ended up at Navarre. Really enjoyed the menu. Parsnip-Apple salad was especially good as well as the leg of lamb. We also ordered the ahi tuna, which was the only disappointment. It surprisingly came cold and was a bit tough. Nice selection of wine and the desserts and spanish cheese plate were great. Thank you for the recommendation.