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Feb 7, 2010 01:05 PM

Graduation Dinner- Edmonton

Hi all,

This post comes from Toronto. I am looking for suggestions for a great place in Edmonton to take my daughter for a special dinner following her convocation from U of A. She's a vegetarian, the rest of us enjoy everything. It should be a "fun" place- the party of 6 will include ex-spouses! Price is not an issue- good food and lack of pretention are important. Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

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  1. Culina Mill Creek is probably a good bet, as they have a little bit of everything.

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      I would second Culina. a lot of the other 'special' dinner places don't have great vegetarian options. Skinny Legs and Cowgirls might be an interesting option for you too, they have a good veg selections

      The Blue Pear is a very special meal, unique interesting meals, one of the few places that has a prix fix menu. while they don't have any vegetarian entrees, I have NO doubt that if you called them they would come up with something great for you. the atmosphere is contemporary, the space is fairly small, the staff are great at making it a good time. As a bigger group you will dominate the space which is fine.

      There is also Lux or 100 (part of a local restaurant group). They are more of an upscale Earls, Lux is a steakhouse, but there is a bit of vegetarian, 100 has a decent variety. They are definitely more of a younger downtown crowd.


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        Blue Pear for vegetarians will assemble something from the sides of various other dishes. I'm not sure I would call it fun though. Red Ox might be a good choice though.

    2. There is a place at West Edmonton Mall called The Red Piano which might fit the bill nicely. I have never been myself, but have heard that it is quite a fun evening (particularly if you think some of the conversation might be strained with exes involved), and with good food.

      While we enjoyed our recent evening at Red Ox Inn, there is certainly nothing "fun" about it. Fairly stark room, although with excellent grub.

      Have you considered something like Japanese Village for the Teppanyaki experience? Or getting a private room at Mikado?

      1. Thanks for all replies. I've checked the menus for all suggestions and I think Culina Mill Creek will fit the bill perfectly. Clearly I need to come back to Edmonton when I am not in the company of a vegetarian as the meat apps and entrees at all restaurants sound wonderful.

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          You will absolutely need reservations at Culina and tell them that it is a special occasion and they are good about that kind of thing. I went to a working lunch meeting thing there and our host have arranged for nice cold appies to be on the table when we arrived.