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Feb 7, 2010 12:57 PM

Looking for Balti

A friend from the UK wants Lamb Balti which I didn't think would be the challenge that it has turned out to be. I have googled indian restaurants and checked menu after menu to no avail. Can anyone tell me where to get Balti??

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    1. re: garfield

      Thank you. The online menu and several reviews of that restaurant say that the food is served "BALTI" style which means it is served in a Balti pot. I am looking for a restaurant that cooks Balti style. Perhaps Dhaba cooks that way as well, I will have to investigate further.

      1. re: sunnydonkey

        Correct me if I am wrong -- balti is a style based on how it is served not how it's cooked -- it's really just a curry served in a wok-type pot that is specific to Birmingham in the UK. So Dhaba could be your best bet. Balti means bucket in Hindi. I had many a balti when I lived in the West Midlands and I haven't really come across them here.