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Feb 7, 2010 12:16 PM

Need Cuisinart help, please

My 30+ year-old Cuisinart DLC 7Pro is still going strong. However, today when I tried to make fresh bread crumbs, it just didn't "feel" right. Upon inspection, I realized that the plastic piece which"locks" the bowl in place (on the side of the bowl) was broken off. Thus, the bowl was not perfectly locked in postion. The motor was working, and the metal blade was doing it's thing, but the processor clearly was not making the crumbs nearly as well or as quicky as it should have.
I love this processor, and it has been so good to me and I really hope I don't have to replace it.. I did a cursory look to see if I can replace the bowl (through Cuisinart) but could not find that exact model.
Can someone direct me to where I might be able to get a replacement bowl for a discontinued Cuisinart?
If anyone knows, would a bowl that fits the DLC7, also fit the DLC 7Pro?
Thanks for any help/leads/suggestions.

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  1. I have a Kitchen Aid which is only 8 years old and recently one of the shredding blades broke while I was shredding potatoes. My model was discontinued and I called Kitchen Aid to see what they could do. They directed me to this site...

    Unfortunately, after I placed the order with Gourmet Depot, they emailed me telling me they were out of stock on my part, so I went to Ebay. Got the blade in no time. So, I suggest checking Ebay.

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      I can vouch for Gourmet Depot (though I don't know if they have what you're looking for). Bought an extra blade for my FP through them a few months ago. Best price I found and the blade arrived in a few days though they're on the opposite coast.

    2. I have the same model and have bought bowls, lids, and feeders from Zabar's in New York - most recently mayve a year and a half ago. You need to specify exactly what you need, I was once given parts that didn't go together - but the mistake was quickly rectified. (I love mine and hope it lives forever.)

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        Thank you for the Zabar's suggestion. Believe it or not, I originally bought the processor (all those years ago) at Zabar's!!! I will definitely look into getting the bowl there. I did contact Cuisinart, and they have it for sale for around $48, plus shipping. I'll see what Zabar's price is and decide.
        In terms of, They do seem to have the bowl.However, I did some further sleuthing, and the store gets very poor ratings (something like 3.3 out of 10). There were several happy customers, but they were significantly outnumbered by the negative reviews. I think I'd rather pay a little more (at Cuisinart or Zabar's) and know who I am dealing with.
        Again, thank you all for the help. I do feel that I WILL get the bowl, and will be able to continue to use and enjoy my old Cuisinart processor!!!

        1. re: bxgirl

          I'm telling you, I've gone through a couple of bowls and lids as well as the feed tube thingy so I know what you're up against. Zabar's has done the trick for me. Good luck!

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            I just called Zabar's and they DO have a bowl,865 AGTX, but, when I spoke with Cuisinart this morning, they said I need 005 AGTX.
            Do you have the DLC 7 or the DLC 7 PRO? I have the DLC 7PRO and am worried that the Zabar's bowl (which is only $33 vs. Cuisinart's $48 +) won't fit my base properly.. I would love to get the Zabar's bowl, but I am not 100% certain that it is the correct one.
            Is yours the DLC 7 PRO, and would you know the model number of the bowl you bought (005 or 865)?
            Thank you so much.

            1. re: bxgirl

              Mine is a DLC "Super Pro", bought in 1984 or 1985. I don't know the model number of the replacement parts, I'm afraid. You could always get it and try it, and bring it back if you're close to the store. Or go the eBay route as suggested below - I have no experience with it but Nyleve is a very reliable poster on all matters.

      2. First make sure you know the specific part number of your Cuisinart bowl and then hunt Ebay. I recently needed to replace the bowl for my DLC - oh shoot I don't remember the number now. It's the 11 cup one. The machine is at least 20 years old - if not older. Anyway, they've changed the parts now and if you need a replacement you have to buy a whole 3-ring-circus including many parts that I didn't need replaced. For mucho money.

        Long story short. Ebay. Got the part probably as quickly as if I'd ordered and for a fraction of the cost of replacing it with the new, upgraded part that fits my machine.

        1. Here's the link to the cuisinart food processor parts - they show pics so look for your FP. They seem to have parts for all the discontinued FPs

          1. OK, my head is REALLY spinning, now. I am so confused and conflicted. Please tolerate yet another question on this processor topic!!
            I called Cuisinart back today, to see if the bowl that Zabar's has in stock would be compatible with my base/processor. The very patient woman with whom I spoke today, told me that not only would the Zabar's bowl not be compatible, but the model that the previous Cuisinart rep told me I needed yesterday is also not the right one. The other issue is that today's lady told me that altho the circumference of the bowl she says I need will fit my processor base (I have a 14-cup), the lid, feed tube, and pusher will also have to be replaced to fit the new bowl, bringing the cost of the replacement pieces to between $100-$125!! I get the sense from NYLEVE that this is the same 3-ring circus she described.
            So my question is, if I try to get just the bowl from ebay, which bowl model number am I looking for.. the one I was told yesterday I needed(by Cuisinart service rep) or the one I was told I needed today. Just for reference, yesterday I was told I needed DLC 005AGTX and today I was told that I need DLC 005ATX.
            Thank you all a million times.
            BTW my husband thinks I should just get the whole shebang from Cuisinart, since the motor is still strong. I'm thinking I might just get a whole new processor (maybe the Kitchenaid?) if I can't replace just the bowl. Thoughts?

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              Cue the clowns. Welcome to the circus.

              Ok, now take a deep breath. THIS is what you have to do. Look at your old cuisinart bowl - the one that's broken. On the bottom, in nearly invisible letters you will find the exact model number of the part you need. (Just as an example, my Cuisinart is a DLC-8 but the part number for the bowl is DLC-865AGTX.)

              Ok, armed with the model number of your machine - DLC7-Pro - and this very specific part number - go to Ebay. If I get a minute this very afternoon, I may do it for you and if I find anything I'll post a link. Cuisinart has done some obnoxious re-design of their bowls which means, yes, you are also caught in the same nefarious web as I was, having to replace parts that don't need replacing. My story ended well - yours may too.

              Meanwhile, have some cotton candy and watch the trapeze artists.