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Feb 7, 2010 12:15 PM

Valentine's Day Dinner in East Bay?

Have sitter, now need reservation. Can you recommend a good place for a dinner on Valentine's Day (Sun Feb 14)? Lots of places I called are already full. (Rivoli, Oliveto, Lalime's, A Cote, Wood Tavern) We live in Berkeley, and don't want to drive too far.


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  1. Looking at what Opentable shows as available, I'd consider B Restaurant, Hibiscus, and Sea Salt.

    Sea Salt
    2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

    B Restaurant & Bar
    499 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607

    1745 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      B (and Eve in Berkeley) are usually closed Sundays, and nothing on their web sites indicates an exception. But I'll look into Hibiscus. Thanks!

      1. re: kzukor

        Opentable shows B is open. Probably they're making an exception for Valentine's Day as they know they'll fill up.

      1. Had a great dinner at Hibiscus last week- definitely give them a try.

        Also I'm pretty sure that although usually closed on Sundays, Dona Tomas and Chez Panisse are opening for the holiday.

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        1. re: kmah

          Chez Panisse is open, though maybe sold out already.

          Sunday, February 14 Saint Valentines Day $150
          An apéritif
          Roulade of petrale sole with scallop mousse and salmon caviar
          Dungeness crab consommé with wild mushrooms and black truffles
          Grilled Sonoma Liberty duck breast with kumquat sauce, citrus risotto, and roasted chicories
          Chocolate and hazelnut marjolaine

        2. I just had an amazing meal at Marica on College. They have a special Valentine's menu that you can read on their website. It's quite a bit pricier than their regular menu, but sounds great. It's a very nice neighborhood restaurant with excellent service and delicious seafood. Their lobster was really out of this world!

          1. There's a relatively new restaurant at Jack London Square called Boca Nova that's really good. Small plates to share. If you want to drive a little bit, The A Street Cafe in Hayward has a special menu for V-Day, $50 per person. They'll serve you a great meal and treat you like family. Or in San Leandro, there's a restaurant called Paradiso that's always good. Maybe getting a little out of Oakland might yield better luck on getting a reservation. Goodluck