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Feb 7, 2010 12:10 PM


Now that l have returned to Philadelphia for at least part of the year, l am starting to eat around a lot more than l used to. A few posts on this board concerning cheesesteaks was most helpful, and found my favorite ( Chink's ) was unknown to me without this board. Now l wish the same help on hoagies. Thus far l have been to about 15 places, and found only a few l would return to.
Learned the Sarcone's style of harder chewy bread pleases me, while an Amoroso flabby does not work for me. l have been to many areas of the city and surroundings and thus far found White House and Sac of Subs in AC were fine, the bread was and is awesome, more locally tried 4 Primo's and the one that clicked was the one in Ardmore. Others including some very highly rated shops were throwaways for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Where else have you been so far?

    I recently had one at Sarcone's Deli for the first time and it was really good. I also liked Pastificio in the Packer Park Shopping Center (where Chickie's and Pete's is).

    One that I go to often since they are near my house is Lombardi's on Ritner St. between 12th and 13th Sts. They don't get much mention on this board, but they are good also.

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      Chickie's where l have been going for decades. Bought two at Sarcone's, maybe l ordered wrong, but trashed them both after a few bites, roll notwithstanding. Salumeria, OK; Lee's put together well, but level of meats below what l wanted, at two different Lee's. Carlino's in Ardmore, would return as can pick whatever you want on your hoagie; J & G also in Ardmore, OK journeyman style;Campo's in old city, barely OK, few more, not my style do not want to 'trash'. Will try Lombardi's, thanks

    2. Which Primo's did you visit and what were the differences between them?

      Sarcone's and Chickies are my favorites. What did you get at Sarcone's that you did not like? BTW I almost always order vegetarian hoagies from these three places; they do a great job with those sandwiches.

      Cosmi's is very solid and worth trying. They offer both unseeded and seeded (harder) rolls; both can be good depending on the sandwich. If you like salt, their Italian Holiday (or something to that effect) is a great sandwich; Italian tuna with good green olives. Unique, delicious, and very salty.

      I am surprised you say Lee's meat was below the levels you wanted, my biggest complaint with them is that they use TOO much meat and it is low grade. They also use Amoroso's rolls, but it works on this style sandwich. Best thing about a Lee's is the dressing they use.

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        Yes my feeling on Lee's. Sarcone's, l had the garlic lover, garlic tasted old, strong, and nasty; other was ultimate vegetable, long hots were way, way too hot , the eggplant was so tough it could not be bitten and kept being pulled whole from sandwich, and the spinach, yes spinach not rabe, was very bitter, and for a final thought, the provolone was aged but way younger than what l would call sharp.Never had any of these issues at Chickies, a truly great veg hoagie. Went to Primo's in Voorhees , N.J, Wayne , Ardmore, and 11th St, Phila. Nothing wrong with any of them, but for service, 11th st was lacking, and perfection of sandwich, the Ardmore location did it perfectly.

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          With regards to Lee's I think a lot has to do with location since they are franchises. I can say firsthand that the Lee's in Blue Bell is very good and that I've never had a bad sandwich of any kind from there. They offer 3 different types of hoagie rolls ("traditional", sesame seed and whole wheat) and the quality of their meats are very good.

      2. slack's makes a great americanized version of the italian hoagie. their kosher one is also v good. i go to the one in the port richmond plaza....

        1. let me throw my .02 in. It's a hike for some, but Silvio's in Hatboro is great, not as good as Sarcone's, my favorite, but they make their own rolls and the meat is very good, and you get a lot of it.

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            Personally I think Steak and Hoagie Factory makes a great roll. Unfortunately I think their hoagie offerings are very weak. Their chicken cheesesteak, on the other hand, is top notch.

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              I have to say I was very disapointed in Silvios. The bread may have been ok but the meats were cheap. This might run into the Boar's Head v Dietz and Watson argument. But domestic ham, then the fakey hot ham (instead of real hot coppa) and a really mealy salami. I could not even finish a half and tossed it. Every bite was bland and doughy.

              I have been holding this in forever not wanting to ding a place that so many seem to love. But I just don't get it.

              1. re: hotspur

                no worries, to each his own. There's a Primo's across the street which is great, but a little pricey.

                1. re: frenchfryfred

                  I've eaten hoagies from 4 primos. it's true that the service varies - and my worst experience was at 11th st - but I suspect that services varies throughout the day.
                  i found the sandwiches to be very similar at all 4 shops.