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Buffalo style wings - Tabasco or Frank's Hot Sauce?

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Decided on a whim to may some hot wings, which I've never done before. The recipe says use "hot sauce." I've got both Frank's and Tabasco available. Which should I use?

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  1. Franks is traditional.

    1. masha....I use to use Crystal Hot Sauce for 20+ years., Now my favorite is Franks.Tabasco is way to hot for me.

      1. The original recipe calls for Franks.

        If you prefer Tabasco then use it.


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          If I had Franks then I'd use that though. Tabasco is very sharp unless used in small quantities.

        2. Any good quality Louisiana Hot Sauce or Franks Hot Sauce is good! Use Pure Tabasco?...Probably not in a group situation...If it's just you eating...then do as you like.
          A few shots of Tabasco added to a Louisiana or Franks Sauce might make things "interesting"

          Have Fun!

          1. Tabasco is too thin to really adhere to your wangs very well. You can add it to your Franks (and butter, of course) to ratchet up the heat and zest factor though.

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              It would really ratchet up the interesting factor if you used it on your wang, too. ;)

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                  So funny, there's a story making the rounds about the local health inspector that involved something like that, to the merriment of the chef involved. The inspector thought a machine was rusted in one spot although the kitchen staff told him it was only hot pepper residue from something they had just cut. The inspector kept sticking his fingers in it to try to discredit them, and then visited the mens room before leaving. Revenge is sweet!

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                    A bad case o' peri-peri peter for the inspector, eh? That'll break him from being over-officious! ;)

            2. Thanks all. I"ll use the Franks.

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                I'm too late but I would have said Franks...while I love & respect Tabasco, it's not thick enough...and probably too vinegary.

              2. I always add some Tabasco to Franks. I like the added heat and vinegar tang.

                1. Just so you know, authentic Buffalo style wing sauce is one half Frank's and one half melted butter ( not margarine)
                  This makes a hot sauce. To get it more mild add more butter, but to get it more hot, add ground cayenne pepper, not more Frank's. I'm not sure why that is.
                  Some places add more white vinegar to their sauce too, but I don't. I think it throws off the balance.

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                    I like to increase the heat by adding one of many pepper sauces (literally hundreds exist) to the Frank's/butter foundation. This not only generates more heat but also provides interesting flavor nuances.

                    (Gawd, I just used the word "nuance" while yapping about hot wangs.)

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                      Thanks. The recipe I used was 1/2 & 1/2 hot sauce & butter, along with some black pepper & cayenne, and garlic powder. The next time I make it, I think I will add a bit of lemon juice, as I think it needed a bit more "zip."

                    2. I've only made them with Crystal, will have to try Frank's next time.
                      Didn't realize it was a 1:1 thing with the butter, I always add butter to taste...and always, always a bit of honey goes in too.
                      Interesting that you don't dredge in flour before frying. My friend insisted I dredge the wings when we made them last month. They were good, but I knew we were going against the rules.
                      What is behind the idea of no dredging?
                      Love Buffalo wings, but dang there's a lot of not-so-good versions out there!

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                        I have never dredged wings, but when you fry them without dredging the skin comes out perfectly thin and crispy. I don't think dredging would be necessary, I would assume that once they are sauced the flour would get gummy.

                      2. Don't know whether they have it where you are but we use Texas Pete hot sauce with great results.

                        1. The markets I visit usually don't carry Franks, so I use any good Mexican style, moderate heat hot sauce like Tapatio. Much cheaper, too.
                          Mexican style hot sauces use considerably less vinegar than Louisiana style so I'd never use the latter. Be sure to get a variety *without* tomato.
                          FYI Franks 'buffalo wings' sauce has the following ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Aged Cayenne Red Peppers, Salt, Water, Canola Oil, Spice, Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative), Natural Butter Type Flavor and Garlic Powder.
                          Which ones are included in the OP's recipe :)?

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                            The regular Frank's is just vinegar, cayenne, salt, and garlic powder. Stick with that one, use real butter, and add your own "secret" ingredients.

                          2. Frank's Red Hot with margarine. Not hot enough? You can hit it with some Tabasco to amp it up a bit or just add some cayenne "red pepper" to the Frank's.

                            Margarine seems to make the sauce adhere better in my experience. It makes for a glossier, thinner and clingier sauce-coat.

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                              I always thought margarine was better in this too. Rarely use but it just works here.