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Feb 7, 2010 11:53 AM

LUNCH: Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Square

Looking for new lunch options in Lakeview and areas around it. We run errands in all of the neighboring hoods. We have a two year old, so child friendly would be ideal. Places we've been to so you have an idea of what we like - Frasca, Gas Light, Brown Stone, Wishbone, Uncle Julio's...Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bamee Noodle Shop on Broadway and Briar (Lakeview) - Thai food. They have very affordable lunch options. You can get soup, egg roll/crab rangoon, and an entree for less than $7.
    Crisp - Korean food. Communal dining. Their bowls are really good.
    Oven Grinders - Try their Mediterranean bread. Their salads are to die for. They only take cash
    Belly Shack - Latin American/Korean fusion. Highly recommend it! (Bucktown)
    Dessert - Molly's cupcakes (Lincoln Park)

    Hope this helps.

    1. We take 2 & 3-year olds out sometimes.

      Lincoln Square -- Selmarie is a bakery with a darling cafe in the back. Outdoor area when weather is good. great with kids. The kids love to watch/chase the pigeons in the little square next door.

      Bucktown -- Both Feast and Toast on Damen are great with kids for b-fast or lunch. Both have an outside seating area.

      Can't help you much with Lakeview, but nearby Roscoe Village has John's, Turquoise, Kitch'n and Orange.

      1. You should take the "Food Network" food tour of Bucktown: SO fun! Went to 6 restaurants: Loved "Hot Chocolate" "Piece" Conn. style pizza, and "I cream" for ice cream.

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          opps..... the tour is thru the Food Planet!

        2. Lincoln Square: Opart (my favorite Thai in a neighborhood with many to choose from), Caffeneo (sandwiches and crepes), Costello's (sandwiches, also one in Roscoe Village), Jury's (great burgers, though it's just south of Montrose), Daily Bar and Grill, Bad Dog Tavern, Grafton's (authentic Irish; great fish and chips).

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            We've taken the kids to Bad Dog and the Daily Bar and Grill (both near their Wiggleworm classes at Old Town School of Folk Music). Bad Dog is ok. Daily Bar and Grill is a little too much of a bar (smelled a bit like stale beer) for me to be comfortable there with kids. There's also an Italian restaurant that's open for lunch in the next block NW on Lincoln. The owner has kids and is very solicitous of children. He urged us to order the gnocci for our almost 3-year old and she loved it.

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              Costello's is worth trying, boozeless I believe FYI. Small size options, pasta, plenty of substitutions with good space. Grafton and Daily are pubs with grub. Good food, both.

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                Grafton opens at 4 pm Monday through Friday according to sign in door window as of this afternoon.

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                Wow, how could I forget Bocca della Verita, the one that chicgail seems to be mentioning? Do they serve lunch, though? Great place to eat regardless, though not the cheapest option. At the north end of the Square, Pizza DOC is also a great spot, but I don't know if they do lunch, either. Fiddleheads is another restaurant in the middle of it all. The Tribune has raved about their burgers before. It's kind of overpriced, and the service can be slow sometimes, but they do have moments of brilliance there.

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                  According to their website, La Bocca Della Verita is open for lunch only on Saturdays and Sundays.

                  According to their website, Pizza DOC is open for lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays, and for brunch on Sundays. In one place it says they serve lunch on Saturdays as well; in another place it says only on Tuesdays and Fridays.

                  According to their website, Fiddlehead Cafe is not open for lunch, but does serve brunch on weekends.

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                    Too bad. La Bocca must have closed its weekday lunch business. There were never many people there when we lunched there.

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                      La Bocca has had a few short-lived stabs at opening for weekday lunch over the years but nothing in the last couple years IIRC.

                      The stretch of Lincoln between Sunnyside and Lawrence has a lot of restaurants open for lunch or brunch on weekends but not very many on weekdays. For some reason, a handful have tried lunch on Friday but not other weekdays. Many have tried opening for weekday lunch and then quit as there was not enough business. The situation is volatile enough that you really need to have very current information. Bad Dog is one that has gone back and forth but currently advertises weekday lunch specials on easily modifiable signage.

              3. Okay, just remembered two more places. One is Chelsea Grill, though they might only be open for dinner. They have a decent burger that features a fried egg and bacon on a pretzel roll. It's not as good as Kuma's, but you're not going to get into Kuma's anytime soon. They generally serve up comfort food.

                There's a sushi place called Tank, also. I hear good things about it, though I'm not a sushi aficionado.

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                  Chelsea Grill is not open for lunch, according to their Metromix listing at

                  Tank Sushi is open for lunch, starting at 11:30 during the week and 1:00 on weekends, according to their website at

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                    Chelsea Grill appears to be defunct and was never open for lunch on weekdays IIRC. It was closed when we walked to and from Bistro Campagne on Thursday, Jan. 28, for a 6:30 reservation. More evidence of closing is noted here:

                    1. re: Eldon Kreider

                      I only moved away a couple of months ago, and things have already changed....