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Feb 7, 2010 11:25 AM

What's the city like on a Sunday evening?

Our trip is fast approaching and we arrive on a Sunday. Are restaurants generally busy or quiet on a Sunday evening?

We're currently considering Dinosaur BBQ, Blue Smoke or Walkers pub for dinner.


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  1. this city is pretty full on every night

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    1. re: thew

      I am reminded of my father's (in)famous line, "it's Sunday night; the busboy's cooking." To some sorry extent that is still true in the restaurants that are in the business district and cater to a big, expensive, M-F customer base. The restaurants that are in residential neighborhoods tend to have their best staff in place through the weekend, including Sun. night when some of their local folk return from their weekend homes, and then give Mon & Tues off some of their workers.

      1. re: Jane A.

        Your comment about Sunday being an off night in some restaurants where they may call on less professional staff would certainly not be the case at the places the OP has mentioned. Blue Smoke, and especially, Dinosaur are very busy on Sunday.

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          The off night comment doesn't apply to Bar Room at the Modern. Quite busy but still had the great service and dishes last Sunday when we were there.

      2. You can expect a wait at Blue Smoke on a Sun evening but they have a nice bar and it usually moves pretty quickly. Enjoy!

        1. i do not know walkers, but i would choose dinosaur over blue smoke anyday

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            The braised veal cheeks at Blue Smoke were delicious, wonderful chocolate bread pudding. I had meltingly tender short ribs and excellent pork rib sampler with homey chocolate chip cookies and liquid chocolate hot chocolate. They do GREAT restaurant week meals, for the barbecue genre.

            1. re: thew

              "i do not know walkers, but i would choose dinosaur over blue smoke anyday"

              Walkers does very good burgers and well executed comfort food. The other 2 are BBQ places. I've had the BBQ at Blue Smoke twice - once it was very good, the other time it qwas mediocre at best. I've never been to Dinosaur but the OP should be warned that it's located on 131st St., miles away from the other 2 restaurants.

            2. it's true that many restaurants are busy all week long, but it really depends on what neighborhood you are in. Soho shuts down pretty early, as does Chinatown. Sure there are exceptions, but if you are getting in late, I'd call ahead before trekking out. i live in UWS and many places close earlier than their published hours. if a place is quiet, they may opt to lock up and let their workers go home.

              1. If you want to go to Dinosaur (which you should, it's great) be sure to make a reservation. It's been busy whenever we've gone, no matter what day of the week it is.