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Feb 7, 2010 10:12 AM

New Lucia's Tavola, Brookline NH anyone been yet?

Just noticed, not sure how, really must have read it somewhere as I don't frequent that area often, also don't think I read a review, that someone new is in the space.

Just wondered if anyone has been or head about it, or knows if the chef/owner has a history elsewhere. Not finding out too much by doing a Google search, although he certainly has an out going personality from the few things I read!

It is a tough location, but hope it is worth popping over to soon. I really enjoyed going when Lucia was there.

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  1. Just looking at the menu and it sounds delicious.

    1. I think they opened for the New Year...I'm curious about the ownership, has it changed since it previously closed? The About page on the site isn't available right now. When I had gone previously, I thought it was pretty good...I got take-out and the pasta was a little softer than I hoped and very saucy, but I assumed it would have been better if I had eaten there. The menu does look nice, and I give them props for offering a proper Fettuccini Alfredo (though take-out for 2 is $30!). I agree it is a terrible location, they may need a bit more marketing to get people at least in the door!

      1. It is a new owner...can't recall his name. They ran a small ad in the Nashua Telegraph.

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          1. Just went tonight and it was delish!!! Much improved over the previous owner. Almost everything made from scratch. Antipasto was I've ever had. Bread and oil were yummy.

            I had a scallop and steak tip dish. Steak was tender and cooked perfectly. Scallops were a bit overpowered by the sauce, but overall it was very good. Hubby had the Veal Lucia and loved it. It was stuffed with mozzarella pinwheels (they make their own mozz). Both of us got broccolini and polenta as our sides...the polenta was great.

            Dessert - gelato is very tasty as was the godiva chocolate cake.

            Can't wait to go back!!

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              I still haven't been yet, thanks for your post. We haven't been going out as much, due to Hubby retiring.

              Would like to hope we'll get there soon, even if only for lunch for a try.