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Feb 7, 2010 10:06 AM

Newport Beach/Balboa Island lunch recommendations

Flying into San Diego early April from the midwest & staying in Carlsbad on day one. Day two dropping off hubby at a Newport Beach hotel for a CE meeting....looking for recommendations for lunch for a mom and her 15 year old daughter - a fun & funky place with local seafood and with waterfront views preferred somewhere in Newport Beach/Balboa Island. What do you recommend? Thanks.

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    1. re: Jaytizzle

      Yea, a second on Crab Cooker.
      Years ago, when Nixon was Pres, he went there and was told to waite in line like every one else!

      1. re: subal

        Thank you - that is a good start. I hope more recommendations come this way. I want to have some options in case I have parking problems or it turns out to be a bad weather day.

    2. I’ll chime-in in favor of The Cannery. Great, fresh seafood, wonderful seaside views, dynamite locale and ambience. Delectable fresh-shucked oysters, superb Maryland blue crab cakes, wonderful bouillabaisse and a very respectable Australian lobster tail. Excellent service. Never had room for dessert.

      The Cannery
      3010 Lafayette Rd
      Newport Beach, CA 92663
      (949) 566-0060

      Another viable option - Gulfstream. Everything is very good, but two menu items standout like lighthouse beacons on a distant shore – the jumbo lump crab cakes (seasonal) and the wild rice salad. Amazingly fresh oysters and fresh fish char-grilled to absolute perfection. Excellent selection of wines by the glass. Great vibe and surrounds. Dine inside or out on the elegant, heated patio with a nice ocean view. Right on the corner of MacArthur and Pacific Coast Hwy.

      850 Avocado Ave
      Newport Beach, CA 92660
      (949) 718-0187

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      1. re: degustateur

        Blue Water Grill, Rockin Baja and Mastros are all good, The Crab Cooker is a reliable place..

        1. re: degustateur

          Gulfstream has great food but it doesn't have an ocean. It sits right at the corner of Macarthur and PCH. The building across the street blocks everything. But like I said does have great food.

          1. re: Jaytizzle

            Thanks - those are all good recommendations. Does anyone recommend Sol Cocina??

        2. If you want hidden local gem you should check out Sabatino's....if you can find it :-) It is a family run homestyle Italian restaurant in the Lido Shipyard.

          It has some of the best homemade Italian sausage I have ever had.

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          1. re: cdmedici

            Based on recommendations from this board we went to Sabatino's in early March--probably the best Italian I have eaten out in a long time! The sausage was amazing!! I would definitely check it out.

            We also ate at the Crab Cooker--I'd say it was just okay. To be upfront, I'm allergic to crabs, so I had the oysters. My cousin had the soft shell crabs and thought they were great. The clam chowder was good.

            I'd also recommend the Beach Comber--we ate lunch and dinner here and really enjoyed it--great food right on the beach!