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Feb 7, 2010 09:34 AM

Bangkok restaurants, street food & cookery schools

Im off to Bangkok for 5 nights in a couple of weeks with my husband and we are looking for a mix of fine dining and street food. I've read through the comments on previous posts but am still unsure of where not to miss and I am a bit nervous about the safety of street food but don't want to miss the experience. We are looking for authentic Thai restaurants, street food outlets with a good reputation for not giving you a dodgy stomach and would like somewhere special for our final night. We where going to try Bo.Lan but have seen the mixed reviews. We are also planing to go to a cookery school of which Blue Elephant is the obvious choice unless anyone has had a great experience elsewhere?

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    1. Another suggestion, if you're up Dusit way, is Krua Apsorn. It could be a possible lunch after the Grand Palace.

      1. Blue Elephant is actually about the only course I have not taken - but should be good
        and a fourth that specialized in doing street food that I cannot remember

        I would recommend those schools in that order. The Thai House is a little outside of Bangkok and I did the two day course, basically you go out by river boat and come back by river boat (there is nothing really to do at night - sort of like a cottage (it is a house built traditionally - very nice actually). Bai Pai was hands on mostly, and fairly entertaining. Oriental was less hands on and more presentation - I prefer learning to cook first :p

        I would recommend Home Kitchen on Lang Suan, just past Mayfair Marriott - never had a bad dish there (as long as you order Thai dishes).

        Most everything is fuzzy in my mind right now, I mostly just randomly pick places right now ;p

        The course that is my favourite is more of a course aimed at professionals and foodies and would require a longer commitment - and it is not in Bangkok (SITCA in Koh Samui - the compressed professional course is 6 days).

        1. Oh, as far as Street food, I have been eating it for 7 months over the last 5 years - 2 months straight now.... and no problems. I would recommend fried chicken and of course the orange juice - and pine apple (the juice quality and pineapple ripeness depend on the street vendor, the riper the better). Just use some common sense, if the vendor has stacks of raw meat ready for cooking - pick somewhere else (I have only seen that in Nana area).

          1. I think New Srifa Resaurant Soi 33 Sukhumvit in Bangkok is a fantastic Seafood Place.It is Thai-Chinese .They have been in business since 1955 although they moved to their new location about 4 years ago. They have excellent Seafood, as well as some duck dishes I've tried.They are open from 5-4A.M. The prices are very reasonable especially for the quality and they are very pleasant people. Every time I'm in Bangkok this is my go to place.