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Feb 7, 2010 09:17 AM

Can't-miss Bay Area cheese mongers?

I finally got off my duff and started a cheese blog--now, I'm looking for recommendations on where to go for the best selection of dairy delights to try and buy. Whole Foods and Rainbow Grocery in SF have both been better-than-expected resources, but is there a west-coast version of NYC's Murray's cheese shop that I don't know about?

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  1. Don't know Murray's but Cheese Board in Berkeley is very, very good.
    Cheese Board
    1512 Shattuck Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94709

    1. Raymond & Co. in Glen Ellen seems to be highly regarded. Check this thread:

      1. Also in the East Bay, I like Farmstead. Doesn't have as amazing a selection as the Cheese Board, but it's a little bit more low-key and personal. I've only been to the Montclair location, but there's a shop in Alameda as well.

        Farmstead Cheeses & Wines
        1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

        Farmstead Cheeses and Wines
        6218 La Salle Ave, Oakland, CA

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          The Alameda location is also very good. No one has as broad a selection as the Cheeseboard, but I think Farmstead (and some of the other smaller cheese shops) have more high-end/exotic cheeses.

        2. The Pasta Shop in the Rockridge Market Hall (College Ave., Oakland) is very good, with knowledgeable staff.

          1. Mill Valley Market in downtown Mill Valley has usually has a good, varied selection and can be a little less expensive than the Whole Foods down the road. It's no Murray's (says this former NYC'r) but what is? Mollie Stone's in Sausalito has a better than the average supermarket selection and I like the selection and prices at Trader Joe's. Again, neither of these vendors could compete with a really serious cheese monger like Berkeley's Cheese Board, but they are convenient and way better that the abysmal selections available at Safeway et al.