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Feb 7, 2010 08:54 AM

Valentines Day Dinner in Queens?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice restaurant to go to for Valentines Day? It seems very difficult to find a nice place in Queens?

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  1. If your date likes steak, go to Christos! Brick and Locale in Astoria are great choices, as is Manducati's in Long Island City. What part of Queens are you interested in? It's a pretty big place.

    1. I went to Uncle Peter's several years ago and enjoyed it.

      More info here -

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        Has anyone been to Uncle Peter's recently?

        Uncle Peter's
        83-15 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

      2. Nice places in LIC like Testaccio and Manducatis Rustica. Also Forest Hills has Danny Browns which is amazing. If these places don't work, I suggest going into Manhattan because there aren't any other good places in Queens.

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          That's right guys, few good places in Queens(!?)...... Lees, please mention some preferences. There are actually many ideas, Queens is so packed with good places. What would you like to eat?

        2. Try Mulan, the kitchen has a talented chef who is capable of great food. The kitchen can be inconsistent because they provide the food for the adjacent catering hall and get overwhelmed.

          The environment is modern Shanghai and has a lovely contemporary ambiance. Falling water gives the air a dewy, comfortable humidity. The tables are generously spaced for a romantic and intimate evening.

          They have a pre fixe dinner for 2 with a set price of $88. If you order a la carte, the Long Chien sea bass is phenomenal. Creamy, sweet flesh topped with fragrant, crispy tea leaves. The lion's head meatball is an unusual iteration, much like giant soup dumplings without the wrappers, surrounded by a frothy broth of crab meat. Their wu xi spareribs have seldom wowed me but are quite good, tender, meaty. Peking duck is of the same caliber.

          I quite like the ginger chicken with fresh pineapple and the beautiful, succulent jumbo shrimp with honeyed walnuts. They had a wonderful rock shrimp appetizer, wrapped in bibb lettuce with tangy pepper sauce and a serviceable foie gras appetizer.

          Mulan Restaurant
          136-17 39th Avenue, Queens, NY 11354

          1. Tournesol, doy.

            50-12 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11101