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Feb 7, 2010 08:22 AM

Jazz Bistro, Missouri City

My wife and I recently visited the Jazz Bistro, in Missouri City on a weekend evening. Their menu states "Where great food meets great ambiance and great service" , we received none of the above.
We called the restaurant and the recorded message stated they opened at 4:00 pm for dinner, we arrived at 6:30 and were told the kitchen opens at 7:00 but we were welcome to have a drink and an appetizer while we waited. We ordered the shrimp cocktail, it arrived warm as if it was just thawed in the microwave.
We ordered our entrees at 7:00, my first selection the Cajun pork chops were not available. I then ordered the baby-back ribs and my wife ordered the chicken fettuccine. An hour later we had not received our entrees despite several assurances from our waiter that they would be out in a few minutes. The excuses ranged from our waiter saying "we are really backed up in the kitchen" (when we ordered only two other tables were occupied) to the hostess saying "the chef has been delayed".
During our long wait for our entrees the live band stated playing and were so loud my wife and I could not carry on a conversation although we were nearly on the opposite end of the restaurant.

After an hour and fifteen minutes and no food we asked for our check so we are not able to comment on the quality of the entrees, we will not return to find out.

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  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience here. We had a great time at Sunday brunch last week. Here's my review:

    1. Saturday, April 10 we went to Jazz Bistro Missouri City to have a birthday/dinner party for my 82 year old mother and some friends and family. I previously went in to arrange for the food and reserve the space. I paid the owner $75 for the space and she showed us where we would be sitting. When we got there on Saturday, there was another birthday party set up where she told me we’d be sitting and then she told us we’d be on the other side. I had to ask them to put the tables together for us and it went downhill from there. Even though we called and pre-ordered our food, nothing was ready, so we decided to order appetizers. About 20 minutes later two of my guests received their pasta orders and then they brought out 2 of the tilapia dinners. We told them we had ordered appetizers because they said the food wasn’t ready, but they said they had to bring it out anyway. They then proceeded to bring out some appetizers. So now, some of the people have their entrees and some have appetizers (???) Unfortunately, my mother still hadn’t been served. About 20 minutes later, we asked when the ribs would be coming out and they told us it would take awhile for the ribs. (even though we called and pre-ordered). Some of us ordered grilled chicken which had still not arrived. This was well into an hour and one-half after getting there. Finally, the chicken and ribs arrived. Unfortunately, the chicken was burnt and not cooked through and the ribs were tough and burnt. None of us finished our chicken or ribs. We also ordered desserts. Again, some of us received the desserts and when we asked about the others, we were told they have to cook another pan (????) It never came. But the real kicker to this evening was when the bill came. One example – the pastas were $10.95 on the menu, but my guests were charged $15.95 – the wings were $7.95, but they were charged $9.95. When we asked why the prices were different than on the menu, the waiter replied they charge higher for a birthday dinner!!! I called the owner over and asked about this and first stated she told me it would be higher. I reminded her that she told me it would $15.95 for the buffet, that she never told me the menu prices would be higher. Then she tried to say that she included drinks, but I told her not everyone had drinks, so that doesn’t work. After stumbling through some more lies, she finally said ok, she would charge the menu price. I went back and told my guests they would only have to pay for what the ordered and the price on the menu. When she brought the bill back, (one for the whole table), she had errors on the bill. Disgusted, I asked my guests if we could just split the bill and they all agreed, even the ones who did not order as much. They were disgusted with the whole experience also. I hope they get better, because they won’t be in business long with this kind of service. Also, my mom was so disappointed with her birthday dinner. She felt bad and embarrassed in front of her friends. No one should have that happen to them on their birthday.