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Feb 7, 2010 08:12 AM

Midi-Pyrenees and Languedoc

Last fall we spent one of our best vacations ever driving around the northern parts of Midi-Pyrenees and Languedoc. This summer we want to go back and do the southern region of those areas. We will fly into Perpignan and head down the coast and then skirt the Pyrenees scouting out Romanesque churches and good restaurants. This is not a part of France we know and although I have viewed and have some ideas, I would be interested in hearing from folks who know the territory.

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  1. Around St Jean Pied de Port and St Etienne de Baigorry, the markets have great charcuteries. There are also the beautiful Irouléguy vineyards around there.
    And don't miss market day in Espelette, on Wednesday.
    You can find all the market days of the region here:

    As for the coastal Languedoc, I was just about to recommend tielle in Sète and Pezenas, and Etang de Thau oysters, when I realized I had already done so in a thread initiated by you earlier...

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      Parigi, your recommendations last time were excellent so I look forward to researching these. I was hoping you would reply. Thanks