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Best North End Pizza for lunch with kids

I've read a number of comments on the boards re: North End pizza. What do you think is the best one for lunch that is kid friendly?

Thank you.

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    1. Regina, no doubt. Always tons of families in there, and the pizza itself is unmatched.

      1. Third Regina. I'd be surprised if you get any other responses.

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          Fourth Regina's. Ask for your pizza well done for the best crust.

          The place is popular, often crowded with a long wait, and some folks complain about brusque service, but Barmy and I have never had any problems with service ourselves (it's hurried and it helps a lot of you're decisive and don't dither about what you want) and almost every time we go we see the staff being really sweet with kids.

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            Surprise! I like to be different. My vote goes to Ernesto's. Counter service means less of a wait (sometimes a big factor with kids). The multiple varieties of available pizzas are all on display, so the kids can look at all the choices to see what they want (visualization is also sometimes a big factor with kids). Oh and the pizza is better too ;p

            Yes, I know nobody is going to agree with me, but as I said, I like to be different.

          2. I'd agree with Regina, but a close second (imho) is the Pushcart on Salem St.

            1. Lived in the North End for over 20 years - ditto Regina's.

              1. I'm going against the trend and saying Galleria Umberto! Great Sicillian style pizza

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                  I am with you on that one! I'm not a fan of Regina though, so I like that the style of Umberto's is totally different...plus they've got all that other amazing stuff to try!

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                    Depends on the age of the kids, though: young'uns do not respond well to waiting in that line.

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                      That's a really good point, especially if you get to the front of it and most of the food is gone. If my husband is with me, we just have one adult in line, and someone takes the kids for a walk around the block instead of waiting. Believe me, I have two nutty kids, I fear waits and lines!

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                        Yeah, Barmy has enough trouble managing me if the arancini run out before we hit the front of the line, and I'm in my 50s!

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                        Aww kids love lines though! Just look at Disney World. ha

                  2. we take ours to Antico Forno. But they're 8 and 10 yrs - beyond the baby/stroller age.

                    1. I'm a fan of Reginas and it is family oriented. As much as I like a slice of Ernesto's, along with wine in a paper cup, it's pretty much impossible to get a place to sit. To me, Ernestos is more of a summer time stop. Antico Forno is family friendly, serves pizza but their pizza is thicker crust with less focus on the toppings and not everyone's favorite. If you were going for the chicken parm, I would say go for it. Another option is Artu. There are always familes in the dining room. Just as a caution you do have to walk through the bar to get to the dining room, and some people find that awkward. I don't see the big deal. As for the pizza, it's thin crust and really IMHO one of the best versions around. Sausage and broccoli rabe; potato and prosciutto; shrimp scampi versions are all good. I'm sure they would make something plainer for the kids if that's what you're looking for. Have fun!

                      1. I'd say Il Panino Express on Hanover is a good choice - I've seen plenty of kids in there, and though I do like Ernesto's, I've had as good or better pies there on occasion. I also really like their sausage and rabe sub. It's not usually my first pick in either the sub or pizza category, but it's pretty good and there's a decent amount of seating.

                        1. Okay I'm going to put another place out there, although I'm not sure I'm actually recommending it. I absolutely love the pizza at the Waterfront Cafe, (better than Reginas) yet the atmosphere is pub like with a fair amount of tvs. I've been in there when there has been a soccer game and it has been loud and I've been in when there are no sports to watch and it is a very pleasant quite spot to hang out and enjoy the pizza. So I suppose it depends on the age of the kids and I'll put it out there for other people to comment whether or not it's a good recommendation?

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                            I'm going to have to respectfully disagree about Waterfront Cafe--I love going for a drink, but the pizza doesn't even compete with Regina's.

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                              That's okay, that's why we have this board, for differing opinions. Waterfronts pizza is different from Reginas, it's more what i guess NY style. Crust is a little thinner, it holds up well to the toppings and it's easy to fold when you eat it. I would never put down Reginas though, I've enjoyed quite a few pies at that little bar and thoroughly enjoyed pouring on extra olive oil. But back to the Waterfront, do you think it's an appropriate place to bring kids?