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Feb 7, 2010 07:02 AM

Dinner party help!

Hi I'm hosting a dinner party for a few of my friends, and I have been searching the web for food ideas. I want something pretty easy yet flavorful and delicious. I know I want to make Greek potatoes, which are lemony and garlicky and really tasty. I would prefer to have chicken as my main dish. I know it's boring, but this is really my first dinner party and would like to make it easy on myself. But I'd definitely be open to a fool-proof fish recipe.

So main dish ideas to go with the Greek potatoes? Thanks!

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  1. Roast chicken is great with it, and will be complemented by the lemon & garlic of the potatoes. And you could actually cook them all together.

    Best way to get your bird juicy and browned, IMHO is to dry brine it and leave it over a rack on a sheet pan in the coldest part of your fridge for a day or two. It may look a little dried out when you go to roast it, but trust me, it has reabsorbed the moisture lost and will be crispy on the skin b/c it has dried a bit.

    If a whole bird scares you off, you can always do the same with bone in chicken pieces - dry brine for a day or two then roast..

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      i love those potatoes and roast chicken is a no-brainer with it. you could also serve sauteed spinach with grape tomatoes and feta for contrast and color.

      the drying in the fridge trick works great. if a whole bird intimidates you, don't be afraid of parts or cornish hens.

      1. re: hotoynoodle about Chicken can be already to pop into the oven before your quests arrive...there are a lot of good recipes if you google it.

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          Yum - great side suggestions hotoynoodle.